Umberto Parisi: rhythm and lead guitars

Luca Pappalardo: keyboards

Tullio Carleo: drums

Alessandro D'Ascoli: bass

Gianluca Di Marino: vocals

Francesco Roselli: rhythm guitar


MAGNOLIA : "Failure"    

self produced and distributed  by  MKM Promotion        www.mkmpromotion.tk

review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

A prog of fine birth: a hymn to the classical and melodic sound of the greatest progers of the past!!!

Six artists…six minds…six musical ideas that interwine and melt giving proof of extreme professionality technique and originality.

Nothing already listened to: a work minutely studied and varied. A sound remembering the musicality of the first Symphony X… reshaped and adapted on a  more modern and less classical  musical framework.

Very good:  the time variations, the  hypnotic riffs, with keyboard- plays and rhythms that surrond and tie a heterogeneity of intents.

Great impact has Failure, a driving song developed on a complex substrate of flexible rhythms that play to rise with guitars and keyboards at first extremely fast and then more modulated, recreating a  pathos of pure genius.

Surprising in its evolutive structure is Crimson Night: a decided sound, where the guitars smooth out, modeling to an extremely fluid bass working.

Games of stop’n go, mid tempo and sound slips that give chase to each other in a spiral of perfect melody…delicate, complex... where the lyrics set with marvellous and intense expressivity.

Crimson Night is the better song of the album…exquisite (there is a fine will to astonish through the  unexpected).

…ok…ok…I’ll be an old-fashioned romantic soul, yet Blue Portrait literally moved me to tears and brought me to my metal birth, when I was ignorant of such powerful melodies; a delicate ballad with a melancholic accent lulling the mind in a sweet flow of romantic sensations.

After we gave rest to the ear, the race starts again in Turkish.

A continuous rebounding of guitars, bass and drums, chased by a keyboard that almost plays as the “voice”, leading  this caravan of insane and explosive sounds that develop in hints of personalizations of true classical “juicy pieces”, almost to tease us that listen in astonishment, never understanding the true reason of this song  …well, in my opinion, there is none: it is simply a game made to surprise us  and to entertain, in this way revealing, however, the ability of an uncommon band.

Magnolia are a flower that just bloomed in the metal garden; a flower wth bright colours and exciting fragrance. We have to cultivate it:  one day it could represent the elegance in an always modern genre.

Rating: 8.5/10

Sara De Vita  

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