Culture of Doubt 
Deliver My Enemy 
Buried in a Nameless Grave 
Dawn of Defeat 
Prelude to Doomsday 
Upon Their Cross 
Strength in Numbers 
Unleash Hell 




Brett Hoffmann - Vocals
Phil Fasciana - Guitars
Jon Rubin - Guitars
Jason Blachowicz - Bass

Dave Culross - Drums


MALEVOLENT CREATION: "Doomsday X"  malevolent creation       massacre records

European release date: 28.08.07

Invidious Dominion
MC live at Those Still Loyal Tour in Wil (CH) 2006
Interview with Phil Fasciana - 2006  - auf Anfrage
MC live in Zürich  2004
Interview with Phil Fasciana - 2003
MC live at NO MERCY FESTIVAL 2003 
The Will to kill

preview  by dalia di giacomo ___             


Each extreme  fan is allowed 

to devour avidly


If blood is that symbol of life, man was not allowed to eat, Doomsday X is that symbol of Death Metal  that each extreme fan is allowed to devour avidly. Actually the first impact with Doomsday X has has been greeted by the fans with much satisfaction but also with some controversial opinion, important is  there is no indifference and that  this album already makes hitory of the band,  and not only because it's the tenth full length from the Florida-based veterans. For me personally , Doomsday X will represent one of the best  Death/Thrash Metal release of this year. The most important point is that the music is energetic and fresh, really far from any trace of tiredness, at the point that the band surfaces as compact yet young, even impertinent in ferment and smart in identity. This old/new line up, already successful during the recent concerts, has composed the bridge that connects the very own roots  to the newest "facettes" that the experience conveys . 
Doomsday X is firing action, is destruction, disintegration, but well structured composition  and great loops too. Therefore we have the fury of the extreme, the ambrosia of the grooves given by good musical passages and that row state coming from the natural condition of extreme metal. The blast beats of Dave Culross' excellent drumming rule like a monarch while guitars increase the terror of this dominion with mature technique. Do you want dissonance? you get it; do you want catchy riffs and hooklines? you get them; do you want axe solos and awesome instrumental moments? you get them, everything in full Malevolent style, even richer and varied. If you appreciate something more than just empty brutality and noise, nonetheless you don't want to quit tasting vehemence and wrath, this is the album for you, as already The Will  to Kill and Warkult were. Brett Hoffmann is back, the whole line up connects Doomsday X to the Stillborn era , Brett's clawing dirty voice adds an unmistakable vicious quality although, when listening to the songs,  you get  the impression  that the transition from Kyle Symons to Hoffman, at least musically, is natural and accomplished without any pain. Moreover,  Bio-Terror, which is, under the vocal point of view, one of the most striking songs of this album, acts as materialization of this changeover. 

Deliver my Enemy, well known already from My Space, is an involving song, anyway, for me personally, is not so bright concerning the refrain: there are songs here that are even better, so you can imagine how mighty is the  rest. And which are these songs? The hammering Cauterized, optimal opener, that will subjugate you with different and enjoyable tempos and immediate impact. The anguishing obsession of Archaic, another of my fav tracks, cannot remain undetected; the twin channels of Buried in a nameless Grave emboss all things that a metal heart can wish. Assault and cascades of shredding riffs in Strength in Numbers shroud the listener with a lot of insidious catchy thorns. How can you escape the tempest of Hollowed and the addiction to Unleash Hell? The instrumentation of Prelude of Doomsday is simply driving, unstoppable. Culture of Doubt is a bit the "summa" of the album: pulsing and explosive, with majestic pace switch, from fast machine gun shots to imposing slow down, in few words a pure gateway to hell which will appeal Thrash and Black metal fans too. 


This stuff is armageddon artillery in veins and heavy rotation in extreme playlists.


Rating: 9,8/10 



dalia di giacomo  19.08.2007


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