Axe of Redemption (2:43)

Shades Of Hatred (2:09)

Approach (3:00)

Reflection’s Of You (2:44)

My Enemy (2:07)

A New Breed Of Life (2:29)

Second Life Ahead (3:12)

Weathered Soul (3:05)

Resist And Overcome (2:06)

Sleep In Your Grave (2:57)

The EndsWhere It Begins (2:04)


Total running time 28:40


On the sales version of the album you’ll find

the following bonus tracks:

01. A New Breed Of Life – demo

02. Shades Of Hatred – demo

03. My Enemy – demo

04. A New Breed Of Life – live video clip

05. Axe Of Redemption – video





Jake Sirokman - Vocals

Adair Cobley - Guitar

Jeremy Swanson - Guitar

Clint Gregory - Bass

James Sanders – Drums

MANNTIS: "Sleep in your Grave"           manntis               


review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___                


Americas' metal scene has indeed awakened to acknowledge the second wave of metal


Manntis is from Riverside California and are debuting with "Sleep in your Grave", a top ten listing in the 'Rotator's top ten list hailing from Salzburg, Osterreich. heavyrotaiton.biz Salzburgs metal store. It is also getting great reviews from all over the internet. I like the album because it is heavy and has some great guitar and drum pieces intertwined with inflecting infectious growling.

There are some sections that stand out in various songs that show some great potential along with # 11 that is the cd's slow selection. But outside of the loudness most of the songs are very similar and short. This goes to show the world that Americas' metal scene has indeed awakened to acknowledge the second wave of metal ( even at the tail end). With bands like Manntis and Byzantine things are looking up, America has a way of taking an idea and recreating it, so lets wait and see what evolves. Hopefully, the classical training will catch on as well so it doesn't deconstruct into a 3 chord extravaganza.

This band is new and has many quality influences and I look forward to any new offerings that will add to the idea that is Manntis. The sound that becomes their own distinction among the many metal bands.

OK, so if you get anything from this review, Manntis Rocks! My favorites are #7 Second Life Ahead and the title track # 10 Sleep in your Grave.

rating: 7,7/10  


Steve Rautner
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