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release date 27.05

  preview-review  by Ayhan "Neotyrant" Sahin    

Well I must admit that when I was a bit younger I was a deadly Manowar fan, but after seeing Joey De Maio in bath; rubbing a naked girl on the video, I accepted that the stupidness of this all leather and metal shit is enough for me. Got it?

   From a long vacation, Manowar, the so called kings of metal!, returns with their ninth studio album entitled ‘Warriors of the World’. (What can it be?) A manowar album is an easy one to review because however speak of it ill the Manowar fans ignore you and they can be found on the way to the cd-market. So this means I can freely throw mud.

  Well, after gaining time with two live album everbody was expecting a great album from them.  At least better than the ‘Louder than Hell’… Have a look to our great album??!!

  Album consists of 11 tracks and some of them are really good while some of them are unbelievably boring. Like what? Oh here they come. The album opens with a good but nothing more track ‘Call to Arms’. A classic ‘dın dın dın dın dın dındırıdın dındırıdın Jo De Maio bass’ makes a good work here resulting a good opening.  The second one is ‘Fight for Freedom’. A balladic!! entering with  ‘marching type drums’ ends with a good solo.  And after that our one of the boring songs. Well actually it’s ‘Nessun Dorma’. For who doesn’t have an idea what the fuck is going on it’s an aria from Puccini.  And no need to tell it’s completely useless in an heavy metal album. (I don’t care how Eric’s voice is great and how a great aria it is. Who said you to do art anyway? Well ok it’s different. But then?)

  Our  Swords in the Wind  ballad comes following him with an intro called ‘Valhalla’. Nothing to say. It’s a manowar ballad and deserves some attention.

  Oh no is that a Joke’ was the first thing I said when I first heared the ‘An American Trilogy’. It’s not metal, it’s not a ballad either. What is that? As some of you guessed correctly, it’s an Elvis cover. Yeah that american guy  with the fucking funny hair. If you like Elvis Presly it will be great to hear a song from him with Eric Edams’voice. But no I don’t like him. I didn’t like this song either. It’s  ‘a must skipped’ song for me.. And also I can’t stand listening the ‘halleeeejuaaaaahaaaa’ part at the end of it.. Oghhhkkkk. I need to go bathroom.


  The March’ an orchestral ballad like intro (well it’s an intro not a song for me) with female choirs etc… It reminded me a lot to ‘Rhapsody’ intros. Same damn church organ… Nothing new.

 Warriors of the World United’… Interesting name isn’t it??!!. When you first hear it you catch the quick glimpse of legendic ‘spirit horse of the cherokee’ from ‘triumph of steel’. Although it has a  good chorus, it’s nearly 6 minutes and it hasn’t more than ‘we are warriors… warriors of the world’. Ok we got it. You are the warriors of the world. Huh…

  Aha.. this is a good heavy metal song with all it’s solos etc. I’m talking about the ‘Hand of Doom’. Definetely one of the best songs of the album. It’s full of energy and it’s a really manowar song. Good work on solos btw. To give you an opinion the last 3 songs,  the following ‘House of  Death  and ‘Fight until we die’ are the ‘Louder than Hell’ songs of the album. They are fast and heavy. I have a feeling that, they are some older stuff that DeMaio has written. Or songs that written to express ‘we are not changed, we are still manowar idea’. Whatever the reason is they are good enough, for manowar standards .

 As a result this album fills the lack of the guitar solos on ‘Louder than Hell’ with it’s some songs but can’t be a match for the other manowar discs. Honestly I was expecting a better album from them with all the time they got.  I wasn’t expecting great, original lyrics or superb riffs of course, all I needed was a simple ‘Manowar style’ album. And this is not.

 If you haven’t heard anything from our muscular  friends before, try ‘Kings of Metal’ not this one. And if you are Manowar fan, I know you are on the way to buy it.  Huh…

Ayhan  "Neotyrant"  Sahin 


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