Shadows that move

Welcoming War

Thank you  for this

We built this come Death

Hail to Fire

Battle at Sea

Deep Sea Creature


Call of the Mastodon




Brann Dailor: Drums
Troy Sanders: Bass, Vocals
Brent Hinds: Guitar, Vocals
Bill Kelliher: Guitar

MASTODON: "Call of the Mastodon" mastodon      relapse 

Remixed and remastered by original engineer Matt Washburn at Atlanta's Ledbelly Sound


distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution    




review by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____ 


  If you put all the Mastodon releases down and just look at the development and evolution of the band youíll be amazed.  

After the highly successful Leviathan which brought to the band world wide recognition and a record deal with Warner Bros, Relapse Records releases this compilation featuring the Lifesblood EP remastered by Matt Washburn plus 4 more tracks never released on cd before (those tracks remastered as well). This appears to be a cd for the Mastodon fans mainly, not saying that it is not a good cd with some brilliant tracks in there (such as Battle At Sea, Deep Sea Creature) but itís not as innovative as the Leviathan or the Remission albums. The length of this release is too short to be considered an album, counting less than half an hour of music. Call Of The Mastodon showcases the bandís early days, playing something more traditional and not having developed the personal sound that they have achieved with their later albums. The Lifesblood EP was good with great moments and these remastered versions of the songs sound slightly better but to the ones who have become Mastodon fans with Leviathan, I donít believe that this release will do it for them.

The songs show the big potential that this band had even in the early days, the clever musicianship and song writing. Perhaps Iíve been a bit harsh on judging Call Of The Mastodon because of the bandís later huge steps forward with Remission and Leviathan but to become a bit more fair, if I had to judge Lifesblood EP having in mind other bandís early releases then Iíd say that this early Mastodon material steals the crown from many other bands. If you put all the Mastodon releases down and just look at the development and evolution of the band youíll be amazed. This early material standing alone without thinking of the other albums of the band is indeed really good and for the fans of this hardcore/death metal stuff is a good addition. What characterizes the most these early recordings of the band is the high speed and chaotic songs. All these jazz, prog, rock elements that the band adapted are not here yet but this is what makes this songs sound more raw and more straightforward metal. Brann Dailor had always been a hard hitter and a crazy kind of a drummer, a real maniac behind his drum kit.

Call Of The Mastodon is something good to keep us busy while waiting for the bandís highly anticipated new album which is due to be released sometime this summer. How far can this band go? Only time will tell. At the moment enjoy this cool remaster of Lifesblood plus the bonus tracks.

rating: 8/10  


Dimitris Theodoropoulos   26.04.2006
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