1. Blackmail The Universe (4:33)

 2. Die Dead Enough (4:18)

 3. Kick The Chair (3:58)

 4. The Scorpion (5:59)

 5. Tears In A Vial (5:22)

 6. I Know Jack (0:41)

 7. Back In The Day (3:28)

 8. Something I'm Not (5:07)

 9. Truth be Told (5:40)

 10. Of Mice And Men (4:05)

 11. Shadow Of Death (2:15)

 12. My Kingdom (3:04)


Dave Mustaine: Lead vocals, lead & rhythm guitar

Chris Poland: Lead guitar

Jimmy Lee Sloas: Bass guitars & backing vocal

Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums

MEGADETH: "The System has failed"       megadeth           sanctuary
Rust in Peace remix

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

Completely different from Megadeth's band patterns

It has been far too long since Megadeth put out a record of originals. This record is different though, David Elefson does not play on “The System Has Failed”, which is completely different from Megadeth’s band patterns. Usually, Megadeth rotates drummers and lead guitar players. This time it seems that Dave Mustaine has rotated the entire band out! But damn! He picked some interesting studio musicians to replace with, at least for the recording of the CD anyway. Most anyone who has heard this CD usually likes it. Most would consider TSHF a complete turn-around from their previous records going back to even Youthanasia


            Blackmail The Universe

            Absolutely stunning! There hasn’t been an intro like this on a Megadeth CD since Rust In Peace! Chugging, fast guitars, a doom like sample about Air Force One being shot down, and Dave’s raspy voice kicking in ripping everything apart. This is Megadeth and they are back to conquer the world! This song proves again that there is still metal left in a band that for a while was going soft. This is a very fast paced song; it has some classic Megadeth overtones and typical Megadeth timeframes. This song should have been on Countdown To Extinction. Awesome solos on this song as well, accent it in so many different ways thanks to Chris Poland. An instant classic that every Megadeth fan should hear, even if they had given up on this band.


            Die Dead Enough

            This song sounds as if it could have been on Cryptic Writings. Full of melodic singing, the guitars are not has heavy and chugging as they were as other songs on this CD. The lyrics are also very moody; Die Dead Enough is basically about being rated and not being good enough. “Can’t kick high enough, can’t shoot straight enough..” “Can’t die dead enough.” The title is a little strange but the topic is hardly sung in this manner. The video for this song is strange too. This is another song worth listening too as well. It is great for running


 The Scorpion

Without a doubt, this song has the best lyrics on the CD, definitely in the top ten of Megadeth lyrics. A very steady beat, it is almost menacing, anyone could easily start nodding off to this song. This song, is based off an Native American story about the scorpion climbing on the wolf’s back to get across the river, promising not to sting him, but half way across the scorpion stings the wolf and the wolf asks, “why did you sting me after saying you wouldn’t?” The scorpion replied, “It was within my nature”.  This songs most powerful feature is how the lyrics are so catchy. Easily a favorite on the CD. This is one of the best choruses in the history of Megadeth. 


Back In The Day

This song is obviously about Mustaine’s past. It is almost as if he is singing and yelling at someone but it is unclear who his audience is. The song also features some great solos by Chris Poland. Megadeth in the past have been criticized for lack of creative song structure. Not in this song! Right in the middle song, the whole beat and feel of the song turns really cold! It gets melodic and moody and fast. Nobody knew Megadeth could be capable of this. Great drumming as well towards the end, he keeps up well technically with Mustaine.


This album surprised the hell out of me. I love it, it s too bad that the band has been around a very long time, when a band like Megadeth has been around this long, unfortunately lose the popularity they once had and it is nearly impossible to get back. This album in my opinion is the best effort Mustaine could do. It’s too bad too; this album has some of the best lyrics he’s written since Countdown To Extinction. Not just in the songs I wrote above, but in almost all the songs are some of the best stuff he’s ever done. Actually, recently, when I was running out to my car, I had “Die Dead Enough” stuck in my head and…when I was running a car hit me. I wasn’t hurt but damn! That song could make one run harder or give anyone that extra...whatever to get the job done. The artwork is also classic Megadeth style. It reminds me of the Peace Sells…cover.  This a great CD I recommend it.     

rating:   9.5/10


Matthew Haumschild
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