The Bloated Pope

Toadi Acceleratio

Pigs of the Roman Empire

Pink Bat

Zzzz Best

Safety Third

Idolatrous Apostate

Untitled + hidden track




King Buzzo - vocals , guitar, bass, electronics

Dale Crover - drums

Kevin Rutmanis - bass, slide bass, electronics, guitar, keeyboards

Adam Jones - guitar

B. Lustmord - sound design, programming and production (www.lustmord.com

MELVINS/LUSTMORD: "Pigs of the Roman Empire"      kruger  ipecac/southern records

recorded by Toshi at Hook Studio - additional electronics & keyboards by Sir David Scott Stone - mastering by John Golden - all songs written by King Buzzo and B: Lustmord

distributed  in Switzerland  by Irascible Distribution  

review by Artur Felicijan____   

If you're eager to get some suicidal music or you can't get into heavy state of paranoia. 

This is the new Melvins, the latest Melvins, respectively. Since I'm not a true die-hard fan of the Melvins I can not exactly say if this is their 34th release or is it 57th. It doesn't matter anyway, because this is not the "Melvins only" release. It's the Melvins joining forces with electronic/noise based artist, called Lustmord.

"Pigs of the Roman Empire" is supposed to be one of the most listenable albums the Melvins had put together. I guess they've forced the critics and the fans to shape the custom criteria of their liking.

I never managed to get the Melvins phenomena figured out. What's so interesting about them? Is it all about the music? I began to think that people like it, because the Melvins often represent themselves in the musical form, that makes the listener easy to identify with, in a way, whether one likes it or not. Also, what I find as an important fact is that it's not about technical quality or liking the genre itself, it's probably about knowing that musician with great experience and name shows it's personality through the music that fights the ideals of today's culture of pop (metal included). That's what makes the Melvins original and honest. I remember being at their show in Ljubljana back in 1994, and they were playing their music in front of 10,000 people. Today, they would had an audience of some 9,000 and a half less, but they would still do their thing like they did eleven years ago. And that's what they're all about. The spirit and dedication to strive in being the pioneers or even the last men of this musical movement.

"Pigs of the Roman Empire" shows it's difference compared to the other Melvins releases by having Lustmord on the board, obviously. They sound less Melvins in the matter of those dark moments, created by Lustmord. You'll get quite a few ambiental dark-wave intros, and the track "Pigs of the Roman Empire" holds you within the corroded brain cemetery of DO-ed babysitter's grasp for over 22 minutes. This album stands as a whole as it's instrumental most of it's time. The tracks are more than less linked with each other by painful sound samples of industrial illness that complete the whole album into an evil soundtrack from noisy landscapes of delirium.

If you're eager to get some suicidal music or you can't get into heavy state of paranoia while too stoned or drunk, you might consider getting this. Or if you prefer my favorite option, when you just want to say to your friends: "Fuck your stupid music, I listen to this seriously strange shit!".

Anyway, Melvins/Lustmord fans, call it listener friendly, but I think even the early Thou Shalt Suffer rehearsal demos were a collection of sing-alongs compared to this. 

Favourite song: The Bloated Pope (this is one truly has a commercial potential)

rating: 7/10

Artur Felicijan    
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