Anywhere and Nowhere
The Number I Get
Follow Myself
Try to Be Like You
Anybody Cares
Impossible Things
Blank Faced
It Seems
All For Nothing
Self Deleting






Abele Franzé - Vocals, guitars, drum programming, keyboards, lyrics and music | producer
Nadia Giacchetta - Bass, co-producer at the mephistosystem studio
Greg Szombath - Live Drums
Trigga - Keyboards, synth
Christian Luedi - Keyboads, synth, live.operator


MEPHISTOSYSTEM: "Endless Crawlmephistosystem          Monkey.Music 

release germany and austria: 01 January 2008

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


Different approaches to the atmospheres.

From Switzerland a good band that is ready to hit us with a sound that gets inspiration from Industrial, Elektro and Funk!

Mephistosystem has realized a very modern sound that can be perfect for a dark dance room….and even for all those who usually like uncontaminated Industrial.

The influences?..It’s easy to find a mixture of NIN, Marylyn Manson, Filter, Oomph!, Orgy. From this you can understand that the product is characterized by a typical Modern metal atmosphere full of elektro-loops , dark, alternative rock and industrial, and an original shadow of funk rock. Indeed, the band is able to realize good songs in which the main element is the atmosphere…Claustrophobic visions are alternate to dark mood and a modern metal approach. 


There is not much space for melodies….. The band shows us to  have no limits about the use of different approaches to the atmospheres; space is left for very modern original alternative rock songs  in which, anyway, I don’t always appreciate the use of clean screaming in the vocals interpretation, that reminds me of hardcore metal singers or, sometimes,  of Kurt Cobain; instead I notice a good use of low tones that gives emphasis to the songs. 

The album is good , although a little repetitive in some parts but I think that the band is very able and I’m sure that this is the right  way to realize a great cd in the future.

The arrangements are good and so is the production too.

rating: 7/10  


Salvo Russo  23.09.2007   


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