one song, 21 minutes long


Tomas Haake: Drums
Jens Kidman: Lead Vocals
Fredrik Thordendal: Rhythm guitar, solo guitar, bass guitar
Mårten Hagström: Rhythm guitar

MESHUGGAH: "I"  EP   meshuggah               fractured transmitter record

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution   


review by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

A complex album, in full Meshuggah’style!

Self repeating, sometimes excessively redundant, that numbs the ear with promises of fierce sound evil.

A single, 21minutes-long song, that seems to be more a sort of hors d’oeuvre to the next album, more than a work per se.

Cured in riffs and cadenced rhythms, “I” is a song with strong emotional impact: heterogeneous sounds that develop in extremely complex evolutions and contaminations.

It must be said that “I” is not coming any close to “Sickening” or “Future Breathe Machine”, yet is the harbinger of future proposal of undoubtful success.

The band celebrates a return to the almost unnatural technique of Chaosphere, managing to merge with mastery a relatively more melodic sound that resembles the fantastic Destroy Erase Improve.

All in all, “I” represents a hybrid between the technical capabilities of a band that always bet on the precision of their performances and the emotional influence that can be given by modulated melodic incursions.

Plays of bass ’n guitar create a dark mosaic of notes glued to each other by an unfailing cement: Jens Kidman’s voice.

We will be watching for the next moves of a band that never failed.

rating:   7.5/10

Sara De Vita  
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