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Moonlight Comedy - The Life Inside


Hidden Truth

Masters of your Mask

Second Shadow

Adam's Rib

The  Divine Comedy

The  Wisdom of the Wise

Immortal Child 

Into the Life part I

Actor I - Emiliano Germani: Vocals & Backing Vocals

Actor II - Gianluigi Farina: Piano & Keyboards

Actor III - Simone Fioretta: Guitars

Actor IV - Armando Pizzuti: Bass

Actor V - Andrea Scala: Drums

MOONLIGHT COMEDY: "The Life inside"     moonlight comedy  Lion Music Records   

Cover : Neon Trinity Kill - Recorded and Mixed by Valerio Cesaroni - Mastered by Mauro Matteucci      

promoted by Kick Agency - Rome

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  Salvo Russo 


Here we can only image what these songs could be if recorded differently.


Nothing but a fair progressive metal/rock album . This Italian band tries to create a sound that gets inspirations from bands like Dream Theater and also from the glorious 70's/80's bands, but the whole result is not completely satisfactory. The band is active since 1998, and I admit that these boys gets good ideas , even if I can't but explain more than one reason to say that they're still far from the biggest Prog-Power bands:

First of all ...the singer! Emiliano gets a good voice both for the timbre and the intonation, but we can't say that he gets a good English pronunciation that in my opinion is a big problem; Moreover he must still improve his style too! Another negative aspect is the production!!! This cd seems a home-demo!!! My personal valuation could be completely different if only this album should have had a better production because it's about impossible to notice but here we can only image what these songs could be if recorded differently.

Anyway the band gets good ideas;Most of the songs gets involving refrain supported by good rhythmic and all the musicians gets a good technique. The best songs of this album are : The opener "Oceans" that is a good power-progressive episode that seems a try tomix Dream Theater and Rush,and the band show to be not innovative but to get good ideas.
"Hidden Truth" shows a very good melodic refrain and some very interesting progressive parts.
"Second Shadow" is another good episode that seems a perfect mixture between power-prog and classic progressive Rush style.

Very mediocre "The Divine Comedy" that seems a demo-song recorded withoutideas and only to add song into the cd...A very bad song! Nothing special but a little better is the following "The Wisdom of the Wise" that show a good rhythmic though without good melodic ideas.
"Immortal Child" gets good ideas, even if nothing special. A song that confirms the intention of the band to create a style exactly between progressive and classic metal.
The atmospheric "Into the Life" for only keyboard and voice is a very emotional track, that close this album in a very dreaming way. 

This band still must improve, but, first of all, they need a better production! 

rating: 6/10


Salvo  Russo


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