1. Whore of Babylon 
2. Symphony of the Damned 
3. Fatal Illusions 
4. Last Rites 
5. Lullaby 
6. The Secret Doctrine 
7. Tequila 
8. Catatcombs (Skinflint) 
9. War Without End 

Bonustracks : 

10. Crazy 
11. Capitain Howdy 
12. Strange Way 
13. Cocaine 


Original Line-up 1990:

Charles RYTKÖNEN : Vocals

Tony ERIKSSON : Guitar

Tommi KARPANEN : Guitar

Joakim LUNDBERG : Bass

Jonas SÖDERLIND : Drums


Line-up 1999 :

Charles RYTKÖNEN : Vocals

Tony ERIKSSON : Guitar

Peter GREHN : Guitar

Micke ASENTORP : Bass

Robin ENGSTRÖM : Drums

MORGANA LEFAY: "Symphony of the Damned (Re-Symphonised 1999)" 

morgana lefay  Noise Rec.  


Re-Recorded in Studio Soundcreation Bollnäs, Sweden, April 10th - 23rd, 1999, for Noise Rec.
Engineered by Per Ryberg. Mixed at the wavestation L.A., Sweden by Ulf Peterson
Layout & artwork by Angelika Bardou.


In 1999 the band was named LEFAY due to legal problems.

This re-issue contains 4 bonus tracks (covers from different bands).


review by Ellnas ____   


"Metal at its best. 

Dark atmospheres and oppressive mood"  

For my 1st appearance on Gryphonmetal I’d like to introduce you a brilliant band which deserves to be highly considered, I’m talking about MORGANA LEFAY. You may know that a new album is coming very soon ( "Grand Materia" on the 25/04) but, for the moment, and for those who don’t really know MORGANA, I’d like to review their "Symphony of the Damned" album, originally recorded as their 1st album in 1990 and re-symphonised (as the band says!) in 1999. 

This album is just a killer one and the new powerful production enlightens every track. Enjoy: 

The whore of Babylon: a pure heavy song with really original lyrics about decay and vices of human nature…This first strike proves straightaway the high quality and level of the band.

Symphony of the Damned: probably one of their best song ever!!! This long piece is intense from the 1st note to the last one. The dark atmosphere is always getting stronger till they kick your ass with killer riffs: pure Metal at its best! Outstanding vocals on this one. This track is a gem!

Fatal Illusions: musically another heavy mid-tempo with depressive lyrics. This one possess a catchy and powerful chorus and it works, even after the fantastic previous song!!!

Last Rites: a typical song from MORGANA with an acoustic intro, a melancholic and progressive atmosphere, great vocals from C. Rytkönen and powerful riffs. One of the best tracks of the album and a classic for the band. 

Lullaby: This one’s quite more aggressive in mid-tempo with scorched vocals and sharp riffs of guitar. The dark lyrics create an oppressive atmosphere once again.

The secret Doctrine (instrumental): the musicians prove here their talent to create a strong piece of pure metal (in the same vein than The call of Cthulu from Metallica I feel). A highlight! The secret doctrine will be the title of their 3rd album (1993).

Tequila: The title speaks to itself! A short U.F.O. with fun lyrics “…I remember nothing…I was passed out on tequila-Blackout”. No comment! 

Catacombs: Another highlight of the album with a catchy chorus and great riffs. Once again the dark atmosphere, especially in the beginning, creates an oppressive mood which is a trademark of the band.

War without End: The most powerful track of the album. Fast riffs and beats with Rytkönen screaming and shouting on the battlefield! This one blasts and will Knock you Out!

Well, I must say that all their discography deserves attention and I think that any metal freak should know and possess their albums. I chose Sympony but every album would have received a great review (sorry I’m a fan!). For more informations visit their website: www.morganalefay.se .


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