Diabolicus - vocals

Hexenengel - flute, clarinet, schalmei, vocals

Sir Yenser - guitar

P. York - bass

Rattenfaenger - flute, schalmei

Silvester Goldfarb - drums


Morgenstern: "Fuego"            morgenstern     

release date: 23 august 2004     


preview - review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

  I was optimistic at first when I got wind that I was going to review
a band that sung in German because one of my personal favorite bands
(Rammstein) sings in German as well and well, I am always looking to metal
as a genre to expand in singing in their country's native language (hint
hint). I went to their website, all in German, I barley understood the
website in what it was saying. There are two members of the group that play
and instrument called a "Schalmei", I have not heard of such instrument
before as you probably haven't either and I can't blame you. My synopsis of
this instrument is that it is one of two things: 1. It's a medieval wooden
flute with a distinct sound to it distinguishing itself from other wood-type
flutes such as the one that was used on the Nightwish "Once" CD by John
Two-Hawks 2. It's part of an old pipe organ.  Both look about the same. It's
really hard to find info on this instrument, if someone really knows what
this is, please E-mail me.

   The song at first sounded really weird to me. I must say this is before I
looked up what the band consisted of as per instrument wise. The track opens
up and there¹s this really odd sour sounding instrument playing along with
the guitar riff. Minus this instrument (shalmei) the song is sounding good.
Steady paced, heavy, I was hoping to G-d this was just a keyboard , but it
wasn¹t, and this g-d awful instrument plays through the entire song! AGH!! I
was hoping that this "sound" wasn't in all the songs! The vocals sound
great! nothing but positive things to say about them, same with the guitar
and bass! The bass, oh my lord they included it in the mix and brought it
fore front! It sounds great, now please take out the Schalmei!

   This song starts out running! Starts very fast! Guitars chugging and you
could hear the singer sing from his heart! I could see a massive pit come
out of this song. Then twenty eight seconds later...the schalmei comes in
and ruins it. It made that part of the song cheesy.
But then it stops and the rest of the band carries on and just rocks!
Granted...there was one part of this song where that instrument sounds good,
but that¹s it.  This song is probably my favorite on this CD.

   By now, I am getting used to the Schalmei and it actually doesn't sound
too bad in this song. This another heavy song on this album that sounds a
bit nu-metallish but not really.
During mid-song though, the guitar turns off
their distortion and they start in playing something that's very melodic. It
sounds great! The Schalmei sounds great and blends in well with this song.
Heavy yet slow at the same time.

   On their website it lists a woman as one of the singers and she is
showcased in this song. Although this song is heavy, it's not mosh pit
worthy, not even close until she stops singing. The drum rhythm in this song
(as I hate to compare to Rammstein) has a Rammstein feel to it until the pre
verses.  The guitars again are solid in this song,
Hexenengel's vocals actually sound very good. As weird as this may sound,
out of the German "Folk" music I have heard, she sounds like them alot. Very
natural. I like them personally.

   Overall this is an unusual but very original band. Both singers in the
band sound great, absolutely no complaints on them. I wish more people
sounded like them actually. The guitars sound top notch! The drums,
sound...good but the playing themselves were just above mediocre.
The Bass,
although not very technical, sounded great. the tone was there volume was
great, again no complaints what so ever. Which of course brings me to the
Schalmei. It sounds good in various parts in various songs but was REALLY
over done. At first I had no idea what the hell the thing was, I didn't know
if it was keyboards or not until I went to the band's website. My only
advise is, less Schalmei and have more detailed drum parts. But over all the
band sounds awesome! Just by hearing the album I would think the band would
sound great live. There are other parts of the CD where a flute and clarinet
(I think) play and sound really good with the music.  The Overall mix
sounded great and the sound quality superb.

rating: 7,5/10


Matthew Haumschild 

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