• All The Beauty
  • Crave Your Love
  • Beautiful One
  • Falling For You
  • In The Sun
  • Hate To Feel
  • I Want To Die
  • Mortally Beloved

Cat, Gabriah, Lev, Rain6 and Damous

MORTAL LOVE: "All the Beauty"               www.mortallove.com        massacre records
review by Salvo "Lovedeath77" Russo
"All the Beauty" is a cd that follows the sound of New Gothic Metal.Melodic influences and soft atmospheres are the right elements of their sound. Well arranged and good played...Mortal Love are a very good band in which i note the beautiful voice of the singer that may be a rival for Cristina Scabbia and C.!
Many songs remind me  Lacuna Coil, but also Flowing Tears, and Cranberries!  Well arranged and produced... but sometimes not all parts are good and sometimes i note a disappoint as regarding the drumming! In particular inopportune parts in "Falling for you" that gives a bad touch in this song that is a good song as regarding the melody!
"In the Sun" is a very melodic song in which the melody reminds me  Cranberries. Doom influence involves the last song "Mortally beloved" ...but the best thing in this band is the voice..that rules all the songs giving a particoular touch.One of  my favourite is "Hate to feel" that reminds me  LACUNA COIL, the voice is something wonderful and the rhytmic session is perfect supported by a dream guitar!!!!!
"I WANT TO DIE "IS SOMETHING WOUNDERFUL!!   It seems a THEATRE OF TRAGEDY's song taken from "AEGIS" in which the gothic feeling and the decaying melody is something wonderful....There are no words to describe this song!!
Nothing new in the Mortal Love's sound but i may say that this is a very good cd that may be appreciated by  all those who listen THE GATHERING, LACUNA COIL, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY...CRANBERRIES..(WHY NO?).



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