1. Silenced
2. Trapped In The Wake Of A Dream
3. Not Falling
4. (Per)Version Of A truth
5. Mercy, Severity
6. World So Cold 
7. the patient mental 
8. Skrying 
9. Solve Et Coagula 
10. Shadow Of A Man 
11. 12:97:24:99 
12. The End Of All Things To Come 
13. A Key To Nothing Album 
Chüd - Vocals
Güüg - Guitar
R-üD - Bass
Spüg - Drums 

 MUDVAYNE: "The End of all Things to come"   www.mudvayne.com  

Review   by Carl "Adrimir" Bengtsson________________


O'boy. The boys are back in town. Mudvayne starts their newest album with a track
titled "Silenced", but it's not silent at all. Heavy beats and fast guitars
beat my poor stereo to a pulp. It's clear that these boys have major issues.

When I first heard Mudvayne, I thought they were just another Slipknot wannabe-band. But I was proven wrong. A wannabe-band would not have made it as far as these guys.
After all, the guys are right now on an American tour with In Flames, and their audience
is just growing and growing.

Some tracks on this album deserves more attention than others, though. I was watching a 
movie with a friend, the movie was "Ghost Ship", and all of a sudden my friend bursts out
and says "-Hey!! That's Mudvayne!". I needed a few more listenings to realize that it
was indeed. The song I'm talking about is called "Not Falling" and it is one of the
best songs I've heard from Mudvayne. Cool breaks, heavy guitars and lovely drumbeats show
that these guys really know their business.

On the whole, this album should be played with LARGE speakers, crank up the bass to maximum and full volume, and just feel the drums pound your chest.

Carl "Adrimir" Bengtsson 

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