1.   Apocalypse Please 
  2.   Time Is Running Out 
  3.   Sing For Absolution 
  4.   Stockholm Syndrome 
  5.   Falling Away With You 
  6.   Hysteria 
  7.   Blackout 
  8.   Butterflies And Hurricanes 
  9.   The Small Print  
 10.  Endlessly  
 11.  Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist  
 12.  Ruled By Secrecy
Matthew James Bellamy
vocals, guitar, piano
Dominic James Howard
Christopher Tony Wolstenholme

MUSE: "Absolution"                   


Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____    


I was  waiting for their new album...and it's just here!!!! Muse have alreday found a personal unmistakable sound and in this new album, nothig is changed comparing with the old releases. I notice something different concerning guitar sound; in many songs they use a more powerful rock distorsion although it is a typical alternative rock one!
About the new compostions I can't but admit that there's a proper care for all parts and the arrangements are at the top! This new album is another successful release that will be loved from all their fans.
The single "Time is running out" is a song that gets a very melancholic refrain  and it's played with their unmistakable style.  Matthew (the singer) is very able  with a perfect vocalization that is supported by a very good arrangement. The rhytmic session is very able to give emphasis and the eletronic parts are just in order to give a modern sensation into a classic alternative rock song that coul remind of 70's rock concerning the sound inspiration!
The search of particular kind of melodies is their attitude..."Sing for Absolution" begins like a very sad song and it seems a very depressive one, but in my opinion its refrain is not up to the task although the final part is full of intensity and Matthew is able to give the best of himself in high tones....
I notice a 70's inspiration ....In many arrangements my impression is that they want to create an old atmosphere that sometimes remind me of 70's .....Try to listen "Falling away from you"!!!!The instrumental parts get a perfect arrangement in this sense!!!
About powerful songs...I have to underline Stockholm Syndrome that gets a melancholic and suffered refrain. The arrangment is well made with  a powerful distorsion and concerning the structure I notice that the speed parts  are in perfect harmony with the sadness of the song!
"Butterfly and Hurricanes" is another good song!!!Here I 've to underline a very special piano solo into another perfect melody! Even if they never  change their compositive approach, i have to admit that they're able to create good rhytmical parts into perfect arrangments and even if the melodies could be similar to each other, on the whole they've found the perfect way to create good songs!!!
In my opion not all songs are up to the task, and there are tedious moments as well....I don't like "Endlessly" that gets a very easy structure into an original arrangment...but it's a monotonous song!!!!
This album gets a romantic special ballad ..it's "Blackout" that is a very deep song sung with the perfect intensity!!!!This song is ready to get the same success of "Unintended" although it is completely different from it because it has been compused with an orchestral arrangment..on the contrary "Unintended" gets an acoustic dimension!
There's no more nothing to say...This album will be appreciated from all those who love their previoius releases...They've found their own style that is imitated from many other bands...
Rating: 8/10  
Salvo  Russo    

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