1. Whirl Of Magikal Flow

2. Eternal Fly

3. T.H. Ciber

4. Lethalia

5. Nocturnia

6. Dead Realway

7. You Will Implore Forgivness

8. Slave Of A New World

9. Pills Of Hate

Alex (Vocals)

Steveozric (Guitar)
Danny Trimboli (Guitar)

Alessio Caruso (Bass)

Axiom (Drums)


MY PEOPLE'S SUICIDE: "Suicide History (Demos 1999 – 2003)"   my people's suicide   self production           

review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___               

My People’s Suicide are a Death Metal-band from Torino, Italy. Before “Suicide History”, they released 3 demos, called “… From the twilight zone”, “Letalia” and “Daemo*n v 3.02”, and so “Suicide History” is a compilation of the working of the Italians from 1999 since 2003. 

First of all I have to say that the production is not the best, you could also say it’s weak, but that’s not a real problem. My People’s Suicide play a very own kind of Death Metal, with some elements from Black and Thrash Metal. For me, the music is often a bit chaotically, there are lots of tempo-changings which don’t always fit, suddenly, some acoustic guitar appear and some parts don’t seem to be very  elaborated or, I don’t know, just not right. For the production I also have to say that vocals and guitars are okay, but the drums sounds really bad. 

But no enough of grumbling, let’s come to the positive sites of “Suicide History”. I like it more when Alex screams high than when he growls deep, but that’s my opinion. When I listened to this album, I found a lot if Black Metal-influences in it, most of all in the way, Steveozric and Danny play the guitars. The lead-riffs in “T.H. Ciber” (my favourite) and “Lethalia” are pure melodic Black. Also “Nocturnia”, which starts like a Morbid Angel-Song with an absolutely old-school-riff and a voice like David Vincent on “Altars Of Madness” has this melodic guitars in the chorus, before the song turns into midtempo with feeping strings in the background. At the end, “Nocturnia” is again faster, finally just vocals and drums. 

The opener, “Whirl Of Magikal Flow” is pure Death Metal, 2/3 of “Eternal Fly” also, but then there’s a acoustic part and a long guitar-solo at the end. “Dead Realway” starts Thrash-like, but suddenly there’s a great blastbeat and high, aggressive and hateful screams. These examples should show, how variable My Peole’s Suicide are. But unfortunately, sometimes the songs seem to be too confounded, too extraordinary and too variable. Sometimes less is more. This is also easy to see in the length of the songs. “T.H. Ciber” for example is about six and a half minute long, I think 4 minutes would have been enough. 

Again very positive and good is the song “You Will Implore Forgiveness, which has a great Deicide-like solo in the middle and which is, for My People’s Suicide-relations, straight and fast forward. Definitive one of the best songs on the album. 

Funny: “Slave To A New World” starts like a Power Metal-songs, then there is a Bass-solo and again lots of tempo- and vocals-changings.  Here, in this song, the Italians show some Melodic Death Metal-influences, but this time, it fits perfect to the song. Even tough the drumsound is bad, the blastbeats are great. 

The last song, “Pills Of Hate”, also contains a Bass-solo, and at the beginning, there’s a sad, melancholic melody. The vocals sound in some parts very desperated, and Alex also sings a short part clean, what’s not his strength. And once more the riffing is very variable.

As conclusion, I can say that “Suicide History (Demos 1999 -2003) is a good album. Not less, but also not more.

Rating: 7/10  

Boris Witta    

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