1. The Eternal Sleep/ Frozen Rain

2. Memories Of You

3. Sweet Harmony

4. Leave My Bleeding Heart

5. Weakness




Amerigo - vocals

Enrico - guitar

Thomas - bass

David - guitar

Luca - keys

Guido - drums


NOF4: "The eternal Sleep"   EP        NOF 4              self -produced


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Suffered romanticism, depth, darkness

It's with my surprise to discover that in Italy there are very good bands...and one of these are NOF4. A name that you'll hardly forget! This band is a very good Goth Lovemetal band, one of those that is able to create those unforgettable refrains that style needs; Even if they could improve many aspects, it's impossible not to be amazed listening to these songs!

Suffered romanticism, depth, darkness.....and much intensity in these 5 tracks cd, that comes out after the debut album "Days of sorrow". The singer Amerigo gets a very good voice, and is able to give emphasis to the songs....A band that will enter into your heart you; for all those who like that kind of romantic goth.




Very emotional tracks. It wouldn't be a surprise if this band will get an important contract with a famous label. This band gets all the elements to be appreciated and known from all those who like this style!

This cd is self-produced and I can't but admit that (if we also consider it) there's a good production...

The first song "Frozen Rain" gets a very good refrain in which Amerigo shows his good voice; Even if I notice influences from HIM, PARADISE LOST, NUDE ,MY SIXTH SHADOWS....I admit that there's a very personal touch. The magniloquent "Memories of you" is a romantic song in which there's the beautiful presence of Cinzia Gazzari...a very good female vocals! It's pure gothic rock full of romanticism both in the lyrics and the sound.....The keyboards are full of intensity and every note is inspired!

It's incredible to listen to the cover of "Sweet Harmony".....Do you remember this pop-hit? This song is a cover of the famous "The Beloved" song....reinterpreted in a very lovemetal style!!!! Powerful guitars, deep voice and dark keyboards are the elements of this song......A perfect cover that is perfectly re-arranged!

"Leaving my bleeding Hearts" is another very very good song.....The refrain is one of those that you can't forget....It could be a perfect Him song!!!!!Another potential single!!! The closing cd song is "Weakness" that gets a very dark atmosphere ....I should say it reminds me of Him but also Sister of Mercy...Paradise Lost and Killing Joke!!!!

Boys and girls ...Visit their site and listen to the songs....This is the Italian Lovemetal!!!!


Salvo  Russo  
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