shut your hate  

for you

cornflake grrl 



Vocal: Carmen

Guitar: Annalisa

Drums: Silvia

Bass: Alessandro


NAGYREV : "UnBearable Verity"     self-produced             nagyrev

review  by Sara De Vita____     


Nu metal is the structure of this work by Nagyrev, a female band that reapprises the concept of “modern metal” extrapolating very personal ideas.

 “UnBearAble Verity” is an interesting and diverse work that evolves among stout and cadenced riffs, thus creating a sort of hypnotic pattern for the listener; a hypnotic effect that, particularly in “Shut Your Hate”, is carried on in a very sharp way, thanks in particular to a very good game of rhythms that supports a guitar with a round and smooth sound, jointing into the extremisms of the vocal work, creating an astonishing and satisfying slow down of the work.

For You” is a song that, in contrast with the previous “Shut Your Hate”, shows a vocal work that “rebounds” on rhythms and guitars, developing a sort of malicious game among the musicians!!!

An aggressive song, giving out a sense of subtle and studied wickedness fading into a final slow down re-echoing of doom metal, clearly pointing out to the very good musical background for this band.

Nothing is left to chance in “UnBearAble Verity”, not even the cover “Cornflake’s Girl”, completely reworked, remodeled and worn in full Nagyrev style, so that becomes “Cornflake’s Grrl”…true genius. Or is it?

The cd goes towards the end with “Cynic” that carries typical “nu” sounds, proposing a vocal line oriented towards a death style that is not out of place, and in fact adds precious style to an already refined work!!!

Overall a very good debut for this Italian band that with this work is making the seams (we hope) of a very good musical future.

rating: 7.8/10

Sara De Vita  

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