1. …And I 

2. Fluid Hollow

3. Unlock The Door

4. Christmas

5. Berlin

6. After The Wave

7. Broken Glasses

8. Crumbled From Stars




Luca Giancotti - vocals, guitars, bass, synth, programming



guests: drums by Andrea Martella; additional guitars on track 3-6 by Stefano Zanetti; synth on track 7 by Ascanio Borga

NAHUI: "A blue Fire"     nahui           My Kingdom Music 

Nahui is a one man band held by Luca Giancotti. After two promo EP,"Tidal Wave"(2003) and "Around the Shadows"(2005), in 2008 works on the first LP recordings are done. Nahui's debut album, "A Blue Fire" is out on September 29th.

Recorded & mixed: (drums) at FM Records by Antonello Papagni; (vocals) at Apbeat Studios; (other instruments) at Nahui Studio .

Artwork and Layout by Luca Giancotti & Fabrizio Maghella.


for promo thanks to : My Kingdom Music

preview  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

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Through Progressive with confidence.

This is the project of Luca Giancotti, an album that is the result of many influences…from 70’s prog to alternative..but also a touch of 70’s dark approach.

The songs are rather enjoyable and the sound can remind of many important, famous bands…but the search of a personal elaboration of the songs is often the reason of some not succeeded  songs…

I underline the good creativity of Luca that is able to go through progressive parts with an amazing confidence, but the melodies are not always at the top…the search for a personalized music is not always well made…

The production is almost mediocre, such as the essential arrangements.


The songs?....I underline the good “Fluid Hollow” that is a mix of Rush,U2, Anathema and a certain kind of alternative rock near to the  American scene.

The grove of “After the Wave” sounds 70’s with an amazing personalization that seems to mix that typical style with a touch of melancholy given by Luca’s voice….A good timbre that is perfect for this style.

We have a  bit of Radiohead into the acoustic atmospheres of “Broken Glasses”  before the conclusive “Crumbled from Stars”, a very melancholic songs in which Luca shows his good attitude to a dark approach by appropriate progressive parts that give emphasis to the atmosphere, and thanks also to a very involving riff guitar.

The whole album can be appreciated if you like a 70’s prog atmosphere mixed to a certain kind of alternative rock, but I underline that this album should have needed a better production . Also concerning the songs (in my opinion) many ideas could be revisited…

The next release will be the answer to my doubts.


rating: 6,5/10  

Salvo Russo  29.10.2008  
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