01 Destiny Calls
02 Walk away
03 Endless Pain
04 Don't turn around
05,Light of the Day
06 Eternity
07 Broken
08 Time
09 Head held high
10 Runaway Train
11 Fly with the Angels



Mikael Sandvik - Vocals

Morgan Valentin - Keyboard

Hans Olsson - Guitar

Jonas Ludvigsson - Drums

NAUGHTY BOYS: "Destiny Calls"  www.naughtyboys.se    www.myspace.com/naughtyboys


Artist Service/N-Records/MBM 

Worldwide release 9. September 2009  


preview by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner___      Photo of Steve Rautner


Bring the fun back into summer! 

Hailing from Sweden, the Naughty Boys contribute to the latest in Hard Rock, "Destiny Calls", designed to bring the fun back into summer! 

Compiled of eleven hard rockin' tunes this band has resurrected themselves with a vengeance!  

This is a solid album from start to finish, clean vocals full of emotions, guitars that have catchy riffs and drumming
that is bang on!  The songs are tight with no filler and encourage you to sing along.  A return to music that is composed
entirely on musical creativity.  This band likes what they do and it shows, hopefully this is their musical break and we
will hear more material for years to come.

rating: 8/10

review by Steve Rautner Photo of Steve Rautner


Steve Rautner is a staff writer for gryphonmetal.ch since 2006

He is based in West Virginia, USA,  and can be reached at myspace.


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