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The debut album of NE OBLIVISCARIS from Australia


Ne Obliviscaris: 

"Portal of I"

Xenoyr - Lead Vocals & Lyrics
Tim Charles - Violin & Clean Vocals 
Matt Klavins - Guitar
Brendan 'Cygnus' Brown - Bass
Benjamin Baret- Lead guitar
Nelson Barnes Ė Drums

Mixed and Mastered by by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Ihsahn, Katatonia, Devin Townsend).

Release date: 11.06.2012




01. Tapestry of the Starless Abstract 
02. Xenoflux
03. Of Leper Butterflies
04. Forget Not
05. And Plague Flowers The Kaleidescope
06. As Icicles Fall
07. Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise

Its 7 songs and close to 72 minutes of progressive/extreme/melodic/violin-laden metal




Label Code 666 (Worldwide), Welkin Records (Australia/New Zealand)

From the depth of hell to the clouds of heaven.

I donít hear very many bands from Australia but when I do, theyíre pretty intense. Ne Obliviscaris isnít the average metal band and to be honest, theyíre not the average sounding death metal/Black Metal/whatever metal sub-genre. What separates this band from others is the composition of songs. The composition of their music relates to the way Opeth arranges music, although the band does not sound like Opeth in the least, I would like to draw this only comparison.

Itís hard to describe each individual song, it would be like trying to compare London to Paris being that theyíre both large cities with rich cultures as are the songs on this album. In nearly each song, thereís everything one could expect from a great metal band, fast and hard guitars, excellent technique and style, solos galore, drumming that would make any band proud, very fast, very technical, perfect drumming, so perfect, one would think itís a drum machine. The bass I couldnít really hear that well in the mix, although I admit, Iíve only listened to this CD via headphones, the singing, mostly itís of the growling technique mixed in with traditional singing.

I cannot over emphasize the composition. For a few minutes, theyíll sound like a multilayered death-metal the next minute; theyíll have this acoustic interlude that baffles all belief. The music this band creates will take the listener from the depth of hell to the clouds of heaven, from the city streets to the beach. The bandís music is completely unpredictable when one hears it for the first time. My only issue with it, I canít imagine seeing this band play at a bar or a small club, I could imagine this band playing an auditorium where people would sit and listen instead of on their feet. My problem with this, is musical application, what can one do while listening to this music? Maybe play a video game, or a long uninterrupted drive home, but thatís it. The songs are really long, so if the listener likes bands that put out the type of music I am describing to you, then youíll totally dig Ne Obliviscaris.

This is another one of those ďhard to rateĒ bands because the music is quite excellent, the musicianship is excellent, the variety within the music, is fantastic, so what am I complaining about? Songs are too long and I canít work out to them and I canít quick put them on, this is one of those ďlong listenĒ bands where if you have the attention span for, I donít (I at least admit it). Some people ask, why I rate the way I do, so Iíll briefly explain: 10-if the music hits me on an emotional level, very few get 10ís, 9- I canít stop listening to this music and it will remain in my rotation for a long time, 8-Good stuff, Iíll listen to it on occasion, itíll be in my rotation for a little while, 7-Itís good, itís not terrible, has potential, 6-Itís alright I guess, I have my complaints, 5-Really? This is it? 4-This band doesnít totally suck but theyíre really not that good 3-I really donít care for this band, 2- really donít like at all 1- Fucking suck, Iíve heard garage bands better than this!

I would have to give this album a 7.5 based on the criteria Iíve listed above.

Although, I will point out that if you like music where the songs are long and technical, this band will likely be a 9 for you.

written by  Matthew Haumschild    


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