Februar 5th, 1984 (Intro)

Forever Slaves

War Paint

Master Of Morphine

The Wave

Theoratical And Artifical

Identity Crisis

Beautiful-Brutal World

Hyperbole (Intro)

100% Hell





Flegias - Vocals

Andy - Guitar

Pier Gonella - Guitar

John - Bass

Peso - Drums

NECRODEATH: "100% Hell"      necrodeath             

review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___          

Teutonic because one of the biggest and most present influences is surely Destruction. 


Old-school Thrash Metal with little Death and even Black Metal-influences from Genova in Italy. Well, at least I would say the Thrash-quota is about 75% of the whole music. “100% Hell” is the sixth album of the pioneers, of one of the leading extreme Metal-bands in Italy. Some members like Flegias should be known from their other bands Cadaveria and Opera IX, but Necrodeath isn’t just a side-project, but a real band since 1985 (!). Because I don’t know any of the predecessor of “100% Hell”, I can’t really tell about the evolution of Necrodeath. But I can state that fans and “lovers” of Teutonic Thrash Metal will admire this album. Teutonic because one of the biggest and most present influences is surely Destruction and mainman Schmier. 

But in general, this album breathes the air of the old school, the fantastic guitar-intro of “Master Of Morphine” could be written in the middle of the eighties, and the song has not to be afraid of comparisons with old heroes like Metallica and Testament. Jimmies like “War Paint” or “The Wave” are pure fucking destruction to your necks, Thrash Metal in pure culture. You like the classical “Uffta-uffta”-drumming? You’ll get it on “100% Hell”! You like high, aggressive and sometimes hysterical screaming vocals? You’ll get it on “100% Hell”! You like shredding guitars with some melodic trips and excursions and brilliant soli? You’ll get it on “100% Hell!” You like catchy and typical shout-along-choruses? You’ll get it on “100% Hell”, too! And one very positive point about Necrodeath is that the quintet isn’t as obvious influenced by mighty Slayer than a hundred thousand other bands. And some specialities appear from time to time in the sound, spoken samples and blacky strings, sounding like violins, which create a very special, convex atmosphere and show a different, a more opulent way of Necrodeath’s face. So why Necrodeath in 2006? Because this band mixes “old” influences with a own intentions, with own ideas, with different, but not less extreme elements, with creativity and enthusiasm. By the way, the final titletrack starts with a great drum-intro, in the vein of “Painkiller”, and is by the way a real opus with a length of almost ten minutes, with lots of breaks, rhythm changes, different parts with different charisma, but always with the maximum of aggression, and a fantastic clean chorus, “In the name of evil, in the name of sacrifice!!”. There are also some special sounds created by the drums, I wonder where they come from, could be a hanging tom, but I’m not sure. A perfect end of “100% Hell”, with a dramatic outro. 

An album for thrashes and extreme Metal-fans in general. Go test it!


Rating: 8.5/10



Boris Witta  20.12.2006

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