1.   Into The Night 

2.   The Skydancer 

3.   The Choice 

4.   The Secret 

5.   Heaven's War

 6.   Surfing Time 

7.   Anthem Of... 

 8.   Heroes 

9.   Remember You 

10. Ancient Way



Fabrizio Muratori 

Simone Cantini 

Lorenzo Ticci 

Massimo Castri 

Alessandro Brandi 


NHORIZON: "Skydancer"        www.myspace.com/nhorizon   

Label: My Kingdom Music  www.mykingdommusic.net   

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: at First Line Studios

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

A good example of Power-Progressive Metal

Interesting  proposal from Mkm that presents us a valid band that comes out with their first full-length after a demo that dates back 2007.
I must underline that the poor production doesn’t give value to songs like these that are a good example of power-progressive metal with elements of bands like Labyrinth , Stratovarius and Vision Divine…

Lorenzo Ticci is able to sing in a great way and reminds also to 80’s metal singers in many parts…
The band mixes technique and good melodic approach ;  bands like this simply need to have a better production…

Even if the originality is far from this cd…I say that this band is able to release songs like  the instrumental “Heaven’s war” in which the keyboard gives impact to the atmosphere characterized by amazing prog approach in which Massimo Castri & C. shows his ability.
Prog rock and a strange alternative rock approach is in the next one “Surfing time” in which the mediocre production  doesn’t propose the proper importance to the song…

“Heroes” seems a Stratovarius song in which the prog-metal approach can’t but remind of the best classic of this kind of music.
It’s true that the band plays well but in this album thought there are valid tracks …there aren’t “killers track” and for this reason I can mention the valid “The choice” in which the rhythmic session, and in particular the drummer Alessandro, shows a great ability and a good creativity…

The album is closed by the sufficient “Ancient way” that I can image to be played into a live show…great!!! The prog symphonic approach is great not only concerning technique but alsoconcerning the progressive attitude.
In my opinion in this album there are not great refrains, I hope that this aspect will be improved in the future as well as the production…for the moment I say that this album will not disappoint you.


written  by  Salvo  Russo    22.12.2009

Salvo Russo is editor for gryphonmetal.ch since 2001

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address nightofdreams@hotmail.it





Nhorizon was born in 2004 from the meet of keyboardist Fabrizio Muratori and guitarist Massimo Castri. During all the 2005 the band found a good drummer, did a lot of jams and instrumental songs, they also did some auditions to find the other 2 members. In 2006 finally they find permanents singer and bassist Lorenzo Ticci and Simone Cantini. A first five song's demo was released in 2007 with the title "Oneiric Tales" with a good media and audience response. In 2009 the band starts the recordings for the debut album "Skydancers" that will be out on November thanks to My Kingdom Music that in the meantime offered them a deal for releasing it.

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