1 - Nihil Novi Sub Sole
2- Die Angelklagten
3 - To Ensalve & Destroy
4- Avvenimento Traumatico
5- Stigma
6- Fellonia Con Sangue
7 - Walking Over Mother Disease
8- Obedience To None
9- Pralyze
10- Victoria Victis
11- Idolatry
12- Totgeborener Lebensmut




Marco K. 

All Soundscapes and Alterations

Live Line Up.:

Marco K.

NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE: "Jupiter Temple"      

Format: A5 digiCD
Release Date: Jan. 29th, 2010

  My Kingdom Music 


Mastered by Axel Frank (TRIARII, WERKRAUM etc.),  released in late January by My Kingdom Music in collaboration with Lichterklang in a deluxe A5 digiCD format.      

For promo thx to MKM

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

                               The sound is nearer  to Atrium Carceri, Apoptose, Lustmord, Arditi, 

                Dead Can   Dance, Letum…..but not only…this can be a soundtrack of a horror 

                  or  thriller film


Obscure pathos, dramatic vision.



This is a great masterpiece of ambient music that will be part of your favorite listenings …if you like to feel the deep emotions of music that  lets your mind imagine what there’s behind every note played…

This is ambient music or if you prefer it is called martial industrial ….an album full of obscure pathos that can’t but carry you into a dramatic vision ….

This is the project of Marco Kehren, Deinonychus mastermind, ex Bethlehem and ex Dark Sanctuary….and here he is protagonist of an album of pure atmospheric music that is so great, as is if you would  listen to a movie soundtrack.  This music is a very mixture of dramatic visions with dark ambient…in which the sound created by piano and synth is supported by very intense parts…that can be chorus or particular vocals effects that surface from the ground of the songs…that gives pathos to these musical suites that have been created following a musical plan….
The sound is nearer  to Atrium Carceri, Apoptose, Lustmord, Arditi, Dead Can Dance, Letum…..but not only…this can be a soundtrack of a horror or thriller film….it’s well arranged and enough intense in order to describe images and ambient and for this reason is not too far from what you have listened from  great artists like Hans Zimmer, James Horner and C. for some soundtracks…..

If you like to enter into visions that only music can evoke….this album gives you this chance…..


Rating : 9/10

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Salvo  Russo 

Salvo Russo is editor for gryphonmetal.ch since 2001.

He is based in Italy.


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