Premature Autopsy demo 88

1 Sentenced to death
2 Supposed to rot
3 Carnal leftovers

Only Shreds remain demo 88
4 Abnormally deceased
5 Revel in flesh
6 Face of evil

Drowned demo 89
7 Severe burns
8 When life has ceased

The Drowned sessions 89
9 Morbid devourment
10 Radiation sickness
11 Face of evil

Entombed- But Life goes on demo 89
12 But life goes on
13 Shreds of flesh
14 The truth beyond




Matthias Boström Vocals
Lars-Göran "L-G" Petrov Vocals
Alex Hellid Guitars
Nicke Andersson Drums
Leif "Leffe" Cuzner Guitars
Johnny Hedlund Guitars

Ulf Cederlund - Guitars

David Blomquist - Bass

NIHILIST : "Nihilist (1987 – 1989)"      entombed     Threeman   

With classic pre-Entombed recordings for the first time on CD

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution


review by Eric "E-Doom" ___   



Some Of The Most Sickest...Brutal Metal Ever To Emerge On Planet Earth. 

Any Real Fan Of Metal Has Heard Of Nihilist Considered By Some To Be Metal Gods.
 After This Band Split In 1989 They Spawned Two Very  Formidable Bands : In Entombed And Unleashed. 

Included On This Cd Is The First Entombed Demo
"But Life Goes On", On This Demo You Can Hear The Precursor To The
Classic Entombed Style
. First On The Cd Is 1988's "Premature Autopsy" Demo With
" Sentenced To Death", "Supposed To Rot", "Carnal Leftovers" These Songs Shred
The Hell Out Of The Auditory Senses...Classic Brutality At Its Best.

 1988's "Only Shreds Remain" Demo With "Abnormally Deceased", "Revel In Flesh",
"Face Of Evil" These Songs Continue Their Relentless Assault Of The Mind And Flesh.
1989's "Drowned" Demo With "Severe Burns"(Which  Later Appears On Entombed's
 Lp "Clandestine") "When Life Has Ceased...And The Rest Of The 1989"Drowned" Sessions
"Morbid Devourment","Radiation Sickness","Face Of Evil". The Drowned Demo/Sessions
Will Remain Imprinted In The Brain.
1989 First Entombed  Demo"But Life Goes On" With
 "But Life Goes On", "Shreds OF Flesh", "The Truth Beyond". Without A Doubt This
Cd Is Compiled With Some Of The Most Sickest...Brutal Metal Ever To Emerge On Planet Earth.
 A Must For Any Metalhead And Rightfully Deserves A  10/10....Buy It!!

rating:   10/10


Eric "E-Doom"
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