An Apocalyptic Philisophy

On The Shores Of Grey



My Sun

Dominus Frigoris

The Hall Of The Pagan Martyrs

Ruler Of A Bleak Realm



Svartis (Vocals, Guitar)

Demonic (Bass)
Sno (Drums)

NORDAFROST: "North Arise"      nordafrost                       heavy horses records



review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___         

Ice. Winter. Snow-covered mountains. White forests. These were my first associations when I heard the name  Nordafrost for the first time. “North Arise” is the debut-album of the trio which released only one demo called “Dominus Frigoris” before. This demo was of a very high quality and I was tensed if Nordafrost could top it. They did it. Svartis, Demonic and Sno extended and refined the arrangements, and the whole material is also more aggressive than the songs on “Dominus Frigoris”. 

The 10 frost-hymns on “North Arise” contain every trademark of the Nordafrost-typical way of Black Metal: lots of blasting parts, cold, freezing and crushing old-school riffs, an infernal voice and the atmosphere of old, pure Black Metal. Well, not too pure at all, there are also some Death and Thrash Metal – influences, but only a very few. The biggest inspiration of the German band is still old Immortal I think, but in general I can assume that Nordafrost created an own style of Black Metal with simple means, but with the most effect and the most intensity. 

Svartis’ voice is high, aggressive and sometimes it even cracks over. Great, and the good thing with his freezing, roaring and nevertheless melodic riffs is that you know after a few seconds who’s playing here. The production of “North Arise” is good, but still very underground and rough and the music is full of black charm.

Nordafrost have the bonus that they don’t appear as the very evil satanic devilish true Black Metallers but very sympathetic, native and it’s clear that the whole band has a lot of fun in performing their songs. Every song is a true highlight, so let’s have a look at some of them: “Amok”, the opener, starts with a short riff-intro, then blastbeats appear and Svartis screams his black soul out of his body. The rhythm is always very driving, the song contains the Nordafrost-typical cold riff-melodies and there are also some acoustic guitars in the background. Fine beginning! “An Apocalyptic Philosophy” contains fantastic stop-and-go-riffing, starts slow, before again the blastbeats rule and the song has some midtempo-parts which return from time to time. “On The Shores of Grey” contains the best and most aggressive chorus on “North Arise”, a Black Metal-crusher with a pumping bass and these ineffable freezing riffs, most of the time in bangy midtempo except for the chorus. Hateful and destroying! “Defence” is the first song which is slower, great midtempo and Death Metal – influences mark this roller. “Dungeons” starts slow with Death Metal – growls, before the song turns into Midtempo and then into pure Black Metal. And again, these cold, bangy riffs, aaaaaaaaargh!! Just fantastic! “Dominus Frigoris” (hasn’t anything to do with the demo) starts with clean guitars which spread a feeling of total North, before the song turns faster and contains a lot of tempo-changes. The Hall Of The Pagan Martyrs” reminds totally to the Norwegian cult-band Taake and contains the best melodies on “North Arise”. Attack of the nordic batallion! Again the band managed the perfect change between blasting parts and midtempo-moments. 

Well, well, “North Arise” is a real highlight of true, old-school and authentic Black Metal and again, I have to ask myself: Will Nordafrost top this again?

rating:   8.9/10


Boris Witta 
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