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Plastic Planet



Style: Indie Electro Gothic
Format: CD
Label: My Kingdom Music


Line up: 

Tommy Box - Vocals

Fabio Calluori - Guitars

Antonio Pucciarelli - Bass

Sergio Duccilli - Keys & Programming

Nicolas Calluori - Drums


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"Plastic Planet"


01. Shining Stardust
02. Down In The Garden
03. My World Today
04. Neon Smile
05. Shanghai Basement
06. Diesel
07. Old Fashion Doors
08. Plastic Planet
09. Once Upon A Time
10. Much Better *

Mysterious and charming music styles.

With great emotion and pleasure I present you  one of the most unexpectable come–back...NUDE!

Their previous release dates back 2001…and not many of you can remember that our DB has still that old review “Cities and Faces” …one of our first reviews…
Nude comes from south Italy (just like me)…and their music is the perfect mix among 80’s pop wave, modern gothic rock and shadows of dark…
The sound is not changed…after 12 years. The band is back with an album in which the main essence is the melody based on a very catchy arrangement that puts in evidence very awesome loops, effected guitars…great keyboards…and a very good voice!
In according to what I described above, I can affirm that this album sounds very good, even if not all songs met all expectations…but the good ones make this album the proof that Nude are a very original band in the nowadays scene….
They sound original and I’m sure that this album could be appreciated either by Goth listeners or pop new wave fans…

The single “My World Today” is a very stunning song ; Catchy and mysterious….full of intriguing parts, the song is very involving and represent a very example of perfect mix between pop-wave and modern dark…
“Neon Smile” begins like a 80’s song…as if a modern Billy Idol should make a song together with The Cure!!!
This is the Nude spirit….and the track n°5 changes a little bit direction…echoes of Paradise Lost ( 1999-2003) are mixed to Zeromancer….for another engaging song!
I want to underline another little masterpiece “Old Fashion Doors”!!! Sergio Ducilli achieves a very good arrangement into another involving chorus ; the song mixes 80’s dark, gothic rock in a very awesome way!
The title track represents the sound of the band both for arrangement and search of melody…such as in the next one “Once Upon A Time” that in my opinion doesn’t have the same groove…

In my personal opinion the album sounds good…and it gets very catchy songs but not  all; there are 3-4 songs that seem they don’t get off the ground for what concerns the groove….
In general I really like this band;  They have blended 2-3 typical mysterious and charming music styles , and the final outcome is absolutely original and agreeable!…I really wish to listen to a very masterpiece from them in the future…Now I can’t but suggest you to look for them, it’s one of the most appreciable  welcome-back in this new year! Long live to Nude!


written  by Salvo Russo 

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001.

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address  More in Team

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