Breeze of My Heart             



No Sense of Me 

Sealed With a Kiss           

The Last Illusion               

Same Sequence


Distant Memories




Mario Ronga - Guitar

Massimo Campani-Vocals

Adraino Cori-Key             

Dario Berardi-Bass

Daniele Pensa-Guitar

Emiliano Nardecchia - Drums



Francesca Iacorossi - voce
Livia Foglietti - violino
Carmelo Orlando - voce

OBLIVIO: "Dreams are distant Memories"   oblivio          My Kingdom Music 

Recorded and mixed by Giuseppe Orlando

 Produced by ObliviO Mastered by Giuseppe Orlando at The Outer Sound Studios, via di Mezzocamino 127 Roma 

All music by ObliviO Lyrics by Mario, Dario & Massimo 

Artwork by Emiliano(Sprezz@ante)Nardecchia

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

From the abyss 

of melancholic darkness.




MKM (new dawn series) presents us another new Italian talented band: OBLIVIO.

From the abyss of melancholic darkness, they’re the perfect fusion of melancholic dark, and classic post avant-garde rock.

I underline the great voice of the singer, Massimo that gives value to every song!

This album is a travel into the deepest dark sensations that are played into an interesting contest that put in evidence the approach of the band that prefers to give importance to an essential arrangement that emphasize Massimo’s voice and the deep sound of piano & guitar…

In my opinion, Massimo should improve his English pronunciation, but the rest is great in every song!!!

The whole album is full of interesting ideas, but when the band finds the right  inspirations  comes out songs like… “No sense of me” that is a true diamond that shine upon this lake of tears…  valorized by Francesca Iacorossi that duets with Massimo in a great style…This song is a fantastic dark rock song sung with English and also Italian lyrics that perfectly mixed.

“The last Illusion” that is an instrumental  fashion post-dark song full of melancholy; it’s characterized by the the great arrangement based on a great deep impact created by the two guitars that are involved by the magniloquence of the keyboard and a decaying rhythmic session…

 “Same Sequence” is based on a great refrain and it  shows the ability of the band to find also great melodic solutions into darkness…I still underline the mix of Italian and English lyrics that is a succeeded experiment .

There’s another great instrumental track that is “F.B.R.”…that is based on the same way of the previous one…great emotions….dark sensations…

“Distant Memories” is pure melancholy!!! It seems a song that takes inspirations from Mogway, Novembre and The Cure …a perfect mixture among these bands…

Concerning arrangements I underline the good use of guitars that are valorized by various personal effects and sensual harmonization  …and it seems a sort of mark for this band that prefers to give importance to this aspect …

Of course great value also for the keyboard/Adriano Cori,  that always finds the right harmony by great chords…

The production is almost good, it can be improved in some particulars  but the quality is, without shadows of doubts, is up to the task.

In my personal opinion the less inspired songs are the first , the second and the fifth track that, in my opinion, are not on the same level of the others.

In conclusion, this is a good travel into the melancholic dark,  interpreted by a modern post-rock approach…

rating:  8,2/10  


Salvo Russo  26.10.2007  
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