Endless Cure

The Burner

Designed To Expire

Cloning The Stillborn

Staring From The Abyss


Debased Humanity

Echoes Of Decimation






James Lee - vocals

Paul Ryan - guitars, vocals
Clint Appelhanz -  guitar
Mike Flores - bass 
James King - drums

ORIGIN: "Echoes of Decimation"           origin               

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution


review by Eric "E-Doom" ___   

The intent of inflicting musical brutality in the world  

Kansas Natives Origin Formed In Late 1997 With The Intent Of Inflicting  Musical Brutality On The World....Their Style Is Fast And Technical...Similar To Suffocation And Morbid Angel. These Musical Madmen Have  Released "Echoes Of Decimation" On  Relapse Records. From The  Beginning To The End Its Total Nonstop Brutal Death Metal...Lots Of  Blastbeats...Trills...Sweeps...And Million Mph Vocals. 

Origin I Think They Could Have Had  A Little More Diversity On This Album..Much Of It Ends Up Sounding The Same, But Some Highlights Would Be "Reciprocol","Designed To  Expire","Staring From The Abyss". The Disc Is Short Just Over 26 Minutes Long . Overall Production Lacks Bass And Concentrates More On The Drums And Guitar...The Vocals Stay The Same On Most All The Songs...Which Means I Don't Have A Clue To What They Are Saying. "Echoes Of Decimation" In My Opinion Is Typical Of The Genre. I Know There Are Those Out Their That Love
The "Lets See How Fast We Can Play" Style...But It Certainly Wouldn't Hurt These Guys To Add A Little More Zest To Their Style   

rating: 6/10  


Eric "E-Doom"   

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