1 - Three

2 - Flow Outside

3 - A Better Place

4 - Any Case

5 - My Day


Mirco Migliori - vocals 

Enrico Calvano  - drums

Andrea Violante - guitar

Matteo Bassoli  - guitar

Alessio Bellotto  - bass


OVERSELF: "Tre"          overself            Vacation House

recorded at Fear Studio - Ravenna - IT

review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

An indecipherable sound this by Overself . A very good work!

Heterogeneous music that never risks to fall in the dangerous standards of modern metal.

Aggressive and very fast is “Three”, titletrack of this work, in which a certain Death will is perceived, but with a marked crossover-nu posture. Tempo changes and fluid bass work mark an extremely personal style, supporting the guitars, with their rounded and cadenced riffs, in multiple sonorities.

Of the same fundamental structure is “Flows Outside”, aggressive song as well, and yet suffering where the vocal interpretation develops recreating an agonizing growl.

A great cohesion among the band can be perceived: no imperfection, no inclination...the album is a very good work indeed, and fully expresses the voluptuous soul of a very constructive band.

These characters are especially evident in “A Better Place” and “Any Case”, where the proposal of Overself departs in sound tangents that extend towards infinite.

…here you have it… this is the sensation given by this album: a total absence of perception of time and space…a limbo in which our senses are stranded, with only melancholic aggressiveness and extreme rage.

The CD ends with the best song of the whole work: “My Day”. the bass work masters here,  marking the sound path of rhythm and guitars. The voice shows a masterwork interpretation, heterogeneous and incisive!!! All in all a song in which the band gives its best, obtaining the best result… we can hope for more in their future.

Rating: 8/10

Sara De Vita  

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