1. Filling The Void
2. The Missed
3. Roadblock
4. Hoovin
5. Subterranean
6. Look Beneath
7. Ascend To Glamstonia
8. Testing The Waters
9. King Tide
10. Non Prophet

Brad - Vocals 

Maggs - Drums of doom 

Mel - Guitars 

Josh - Guitars 

DD - Bass 


POD PEOPLE: "Doom Saloon       pod people            

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution

review  by Marc Anthony H. Bertone____   

First off I would like to say that Lee Dorrian is one of the nicest people
in the music industry. So nice, that he decided to sign POD PEOPLE,
and if you ask me, he should be collecting royalty checks from them - especially
in the case of Brad (vocals) who apes Mr. Dorrian so efficiently that I
originally thought this was another CATHEDRAL side-project.

Hailing from Australia, even the band themselves were so surprised that Lee
signed them to his infamous Rise Above. But, aside from the aforemetioned sincerest form of
flattery, they're quite a decent bunch of morose musicians. 

To be honest, I can't stop playing this cd, replacing
Entombed's last masterpiece "Inferno". Every groove delivers, and if you're a fan of doom like I am, you're gonna drool over this like a kid in a candy store.

"Filling the void" and "The missed" Oh yeah's and C'mon's smoothly, with death-y gruff melodic vocals intertwined with the usual low-death roar. "Roadblock" gets a little bit interesting when the Ozzy-type whiny vocal kicks in, actually work so perfect
within the spectrum. The song itself has this nice Sabbath-bloody-sabbath/Snowblind feel to it.

By the fifth song you couldn't help but wonder how they never run out of
gargantuan riffs, when there's only a few valid Sabbath albums that this piece of work obviously
originated from. The bottom line is, "Doom saloon" definitely lacks when it comes
to originality, but never fails when it comes to brutally heavy doom death
rock. oh yeah.

Rating: 9/10  

Marc Anthony H. Bertone    

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