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review by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   


Well this album is very particular cause the good Peter Tgtgren is showing to be very talented if he's able to change from Hypocrisy's death metal to this dark melodic music, with a considerable  amount of electronic background and practically being behind every instrument. One could wonder which are actually Tgtgren 's purposes he wants to reach with this album (rather futuristic oriented moreover). But quick it comes the answer: Tgtgren is saying to a German magazine (Legacy) that a) with this album he wanted to prove to himself that he is not only a Death Metal producer, but that he is able to produce all other kinds of music as well (exaggerated or not methinks?), b) that "Nothing remains the Same " is sounding more international and that , in comparison to what he did with the previous album "Rebirth", he  has now experimented more "things" (sorry but I personally could come to the conclusion that death metal is not international enough and that anyway it is more difficult with it to make some experimentation that could, in many passages, sound la new Paradise Lost... mahhh, who knows? Considering that many years ago Paradise Lost were the founders of  "doom death", we could also find a kind of tortuous connection between them, Hypocrisy and Pain); c) Peter Tgtgren is saying that is not hiding his voice behind some special effects but he is putting it in some way in foreground and moreover he has noticed   that  he can properly sing (another time i could come to the conclusion that all those who don't sing with a so called "clean" voice are not able to sing properly tout -court. Under this point of view one could also object that only Pavarotti and Domingo are able to sing properly) Take it like you want to take, but "Nothing remains the Same" is letting me a little bit perplexed. However it is a good album, directed above all to all who like the new Paradise Lost style, also mixed with  with modern influences that sometimes can even graze somehow Static X.  In the middle between new gothic dark wave melodies and modern sounds of the "Damned" , Pain are presenting an album where electronic, though important, is not hiding anyway the more classical metal instruments which on the contrary can find in some tracks a right typical metal strength with powerful guitars and heavy drums sounds, mixed with a good keyboard soundscape. there are indeed many influences and many styles merged together and mixed all under a certain musical "colour", that is the same for all, like a kind of make -up that is covering the moments where these influences differ the most one another, but on the whole it is a valuable work. Another characteristic is that this is not the kind of album who is offering lead guitar solos and riffs, but that is giving in large quantity a dark heaviness that not always is coming exactly from guitars, united with some  hypnotic and almost synthetic electronic loops.
Among the tracks, I would at once underline that the Beatles cover "ELEANOR RIGBY" at my opinion is absolutely kicking ass: here Pain have brought the cool Beatles' music into the 21th century, making it more metallic and strong, and, though it's clear that every of us has own opinion about, mine is that the "original" Beatles are nowadays more or less impossible to propose to the younger metalheads, with  the consequent loss of a great part of musical culture and heritage. On the contrary, this "Eleanor Rigby" can go further when the original one stops, and the well mixed metal flavour with the orchestral strings are simply fascinating. This CD should be bought just only for this cover, methinks.


PULL ME UNDER is another cool song: beginning with a synthetic electronics and sharp drums, is developping a melody that is catchy and well modulated without being too poppy or too disco-like, sounding somehow metal, only slightly industrial, though guitars are not precisely the leading characters. 

I find EXPELLED hypnotic, with a catchy melody, but maybe too "commercial", somehow, how to say, too "easy", though "miserable" enough and in this way suitable for the dark souls, who obviously, sometimes need "their" "light" music and more or less one could say for SHUT YOUR MOUTH, where the proceeding is somehow heavier anyway (UFO video apart!).

For me, IT'S ONLY THEM is one of the most metallic tracks, another cool one, obsessive, repetitive, speed enough that shows also angry guitars in the right moment: here the Paradise Lost influences meet the newest metallic directions taking the direction of the up tempo tendency, though tempo changings are present.

On the contrary, methinks that "INJECTED PARADISE", another of the most valuable songs of this album, is that one when the Paradise Lost influences la Host and Believe in Nothing are more evident. Cool melody and decadent lyrics that will send into raptures all PL fans (me included hehehehehe), though i personally think  that  some good pushing guitars are totally missed. But this is my personal question: what is doing Peter Tgtgren with PL chords, proposing something that , with all due respect, PL have done better and however much long before? Ahh, sorry, i was forgetting, he is not only a Death Metal producer...

Very atmospheric and decadent is JUST HATE ME, that has at my opinion more or less the same problem of Expelled. It sounds somehow too easy and poppy, it could also be very different, with some effort more. But on the contrary its commercial taste has even been stressed by the fact that, "totally by chance" is the song which has been also proposed as single. Pure coincidence!

THE GAME is presenting  hard  heavy metallic guitars and an intense rhythm, pity that all this is applied to the wrong song, cause "The Game" seems somehow to find not a good balance between heavy metal and good melody, without mentioning that the speed refrain has many notes that  remind me of the mytical Rolling Stones "Paint It Black". If you listen with attention to the subterranean melody of the refrain, you too will surely recognize that many notes are too similar to the the ones of Stones' song. I don't like it.

Much more better and interesting "CLOSE MY EYES", with futuristic impending keyboard sounds and hard guitars , hovering between NIN and some experimentations and loops which can remind to American bands. Guitars are hard enough.

SAVE ME is, after all, agreable in the measure in which it is able to create an atmosphere remaining  classical danceable and listenable for everybody with the right speed in order to have a nice rhytmic  almost disco-like moment, with some good stressed guitars.

In the end of story, i can say that this album is not 100% metal oriented accordingly to the more classical definition of it, but nevertheless gives us good valuable moments which dark souls will anyway appreciate and that can be heard also by those persons who don't get used to hard sounds. The fact that the author is Peter Tgtgren, "god " of Hypocrisy, could be understood like  a) a disappointment in the opinion of  some people, b) a freedom of creativity in the opinion of some others , c) a commercial compromise, d) something else, hehehehe. 

dalia di giacomo

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


Disco che senza alcun dubbio percorre la strada del dark industrial ormai pi che mai di moda, grazie a Orgy, Zeromancer,Misery loves co. ecc...Che dire sui Pain e questo cd? Senz'altro un gran lavoro svolto da questa band, all'insegna di melodie molto anni 80' e una cura davvero unica sulla parte elettronica che senz'altro di grande prevalenza. Si parte subito con il metal industrail di "IT'S ONLY THEM "fortemente caratterizzato da una melodia davvero bella che subito si stampa in testa, la track.2, ancora all'insegna di un sound fortemente industrial ma assolutamente debitore di quelle fantastiche atmosfere anni 80', tanto in voga oggi!!!
Si prosegue con "CLOSE MY EYES", che vero e proprio elektro-metal!, non mancano le chitarre che davvero spaccano  e sono potenti pi che mai; In questa traccia c' tutto l'amore per i padrini Nine Inch Nails! 
Melodia pura in "JUST HATE ME", brano molto commerciale dove vengono fuori influenze pop-grunge davvero particolari e assai interessanti! 
La vera ciliegina sulla torta la track.5 "INJECTED PARADISE", brano caratterizzato da quei suoni tipici degli ultimi Paradise Lost, e da quell'atmosfera che potrebbe classificarsi proprio a met strada tra i Paradise Lost e i migliori Dreadful Shadow! Un brano davvero stupendo!


Poi la volta della cover dei Beatles "ELEANOR RIGBY", riarrangiata ovviamente in chiave industrial-metal, e qui c' aria da Rammstein nell'arrangiamento. I Pain riescono davvero ad alternare brani dal sapore commerciale a momenti pi duri, e in "EXPELLED" c' ancora molto di commerciale sebbene la melodia decadente del pezzo fa venire davvero i brividi!
Eccoci a "PULL ME UNDER" che costruita attorno ad un arrangiamento elettronico assai curato e molto ben dosato attorno ad una melodia da tipico industrial-metal. "SAVE ME" non pu non farvi scatenare perch davvero stupenda!. Le chitarre rombano alla grande e la melodia della song strepitosa..per non parlare poi dell'arrangiamento, che definire perfetto... poco!!!!
"THE GAME", non mi piace tantissimo, forse perch non riesce a trovare la giusta dose di feeling , mentre nell'arrangiamento si rif tanto a "Save me". La chiusura del cd affidata all'atmosfera di "FADE AWAY" che davvero emozionale, col suo incedere imprevedibile e meditativo. Un gruppo davvero interessante...e l'acquisto di questo cd consigliatissimo davvero!
 Salvo Russo

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