1. Bulletproof Cupid (Placebo) - 2:22

2. English Summer Rain (Placebo) - 4:01

3. This Picture (Placebo) - 3:34

4. Sleeping With Ghosts (Placebo) - 4:38

5. The Bitter End (Placebo) - 3:10

6. Something Rotten (Placebo) - 5:28

7. Plasticine (Placebo) - 3:26

8. Special Needs (Placebo) - 5:15

9. I'll Be Yours (Placebo) - 3:32

10. Second Sight (Placebo) - 2:49

11. Protect Me from What I Want (Placebo) - 3:15

12. Centrefolds (Placebo) - 5:02

Brain Molko - Vocals- Guitar
Stefan Olsdal - Bass
Steve Hewitt -Drums

PLACEBO: "Sleeping with Ghosts"   www.placeboworld.co.uk    Hut Recordings/Astralwerks    

Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____    


A very deep album that shows me all their maturity!! The old releases weren't so well made concerning the melodic aspect and the search for a particular kind of arrangement. In this album I notice many good songs, and in particular I have to underline the proper care concerning the search of a own atmosphere!!!!Not all songs are up to the task , but there are very amazing songs in which they show a very good search for a own personal atmosphere!
"English summer Rain" is one of the best in this album!!!a very  involving song !!It gets a particular charme with a synth in evidence and a sad refrain in which the rythmic session gives a very good touch, and it shows some good ideas.
"This Picture" is another good song in which I notice all their ability to create good melodies!!It's simply rock!!!!Thir music takes inspirations from 70's rock, but not only!There are influences from alternative rock and a little of brit-pop!
"Sleeping with Ghosts" is a very deep song that begins with a particoular melancholy in which the singer is able to create a sad atmosphere.....The arrangement puts in evidence a perfect synth  that gives emphasis to the melody!
Another good song is the single "The bitter End"....There's a lot of energy in this song, supported with an involving melody!
The guitars are used with the right taste, and I notice a very good bass-work in every song!
"Somenthing rotten" is a song full of atmosphere,  and it shows influences from different kinds of music! This is another sad composition that  could be loved from dark fans!
"Plasticine" is not a good song, ....and in my opinion it's the worst of this album!
But for me the best song is "Special Needs" a very special ballad full of intensity , that I never noticed in their ballads! Brian sings in a perfect tonality, and a piano gives the magic touch into a very easy structure-song, characterized with an easy guitar arpeggio and only two chords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another not good song is "I'll be yours" The search of a experimental atmosphere makes it  very boring ; "Second Sight"is another mediocre song that seems to be composed in few minutes!
"Protect from what I want" is a very decaying song that show the search for a very sad melody, and moreover I have to underline the proper care concerning the arrangement!
The album is closed with "Centrefolds"a very experimental good ballad, played with intensity and sadness. This is a very original composition in which they show their maturity , not only concerning melodic aspect but also the compositive approach! ...A very deep song that closes this album in a very good way!
Rating: 7,5/10  
Salvo  Russo    

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