1. Fool 

2. Pure As Snow 

3. Shadow In The Dark

4. Today Is The Day 

5. Near Life Experience 

6. The Blue House

7. Sick & Tired

8. Lonely Hell

9. Best Kept Secret 

10. Rockstar/We* 

+ Shadow In The Dark - bonus video track 

* BRAD cover




Jani Lehtosaari (Bass, Keyboards, Vocals)
Ilari Kinnunen (Bass)
Lene Leinonen (Bass)
Heikki Haataja (Drums)


PLAN E: "Best kept Secret"           plan e                 my kingdom music



review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Still trying to search the right dimension
This cd  is the new creature of Jani Lehtosaari ex Impaled Nazarene member. An album presented like the new dimension of Dark rock or Melancholic Doom...but in my opinion this album is a mediocre example or tentative to create something original trying to get an old fashion connected to dark, or something similar to it!....There's a touch of Doors in the vocal inspiration, and old Pop- Prog in the sound arrangement. 
Unfortunately the band have to improve under many aspects and this album is just a point of start.....On the whole I save few good ideas( only the ideas.....) that seems to be inspired...but the structures of the songs are not the answer to my expectations! There are many aspects to improve; First of all the singer!!!! Vocals are very monotonous, and his voice doesn't get a particular charm and the tentative to show a deep voice in according with the style, gets unsuccessful! Most  songs are boring because of the monotonous structures, even if I underline a good work made by the keyboard that has realized good arrangements , as well as  I appreciate the idea to realize a sound of evident 70's style, though it needs to be enhanced.
Many influences from 70's Dark but also that certain kind of 70's Prog...but we're very far from the class of bands like Joy Division of Nick Cave.
Even if there are many influences from these hystoric artists....PLAN E are still trying to search the right dimension, and  this album fails under compositive aspect.!!!!
Too much monotony and confused ideas. As I said before,  there are few good episodes like " Shadow in the Dark" that reminds of 70's Dark with a touch of Doors, but also very unsuccessful songs like" The Blue House"  to which  I'm not able to listen  entirely... and not only to it....
I look forward to the next release!

rating: 5/10  


Salvo  Russo  
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