1. Dark Mind
2. Trust
3. Oblivion
4. Halcyon Days
5. Catch 22
6. Avalon Farewell
7. Skies Of Xenon
8. Falling
9. Aeronautica
10. Endless
11. Starlight

Supernova - bonus track

Erik "EZ" Blomkvist - Vocals
Daniel Hall - Guitar
Gustav Kollerstrom - Guitar
Marcus Hoher - Drums
Patrik Jansson – Bass
Andreas Lindahl - Keyboards
Kristoffer "Wachen" Von Wachenfeldt - Synthesizers, additional & backing Vocals

PLATITUDE: "Nine"    platitude       

Recorded at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark
Produced by Tommy Hansen
Co-produced by Platitude
Mastered at Jailhouse by Tommy Hansen
Songs written & performed by Platitude

preview- review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

A "sparkling" melodic Rock'n'Heavy with strong Prog elements. The first part of the album is more melodic Heavy with influences from the Rock of the 80's, the second part is a bit more complex, much more Prog with virtuoso instrumental moments. Platitude also deliver strong dark ingredients with excursions in authentic atmospheric horizons. The first impact needs surely a second listening, after which you can fully begin to appreciate their style.  

It's with the artwork conceived by the designer Mattias Norén that Platitude present their brand new album. And it's with "their" Italian Scarlet that the Scandinavian band strikes back with this sparkling "Nine", the follow-up to "Secrets of Life". And indeed sparkling and robust, like a good wine, is the first impression i get in my mind listening to their lively and Melodic Heavy/Rock/Prog music. This music is rich in many elements and rich in changing influence within the same song: thing that is sometimes a risk; but Platitude master well this mixing: they play fluently the passages among crunchy lively uptempos, dark melodies and prog solos (fortunately always rather short). Clever and articulated paths pass one after the other with good technique, with a satisfactory level of heaviness, with much atmosphere and above all with countless nice melodic moments. Vocals are agreeable, velvety, but with the necessary strength though they could sound very attractive as well if they would show more grit. Drums are always sensational in their style: quite round, pushing, but never arrogant. The bass tones are enjoyable and persuading, the lead solos never drilling but  spatially wide and velvety like the vocals. The rhythmic section swims with no difficulty in waters of crunchy hammering discharges, while the "animated" keys and synth, if you listen well, at least in the first part of the album, are the fill-in and the pillar is the Melodic Rock/Heavy construction. This means that we are rather far from Epic visions and it's the fraction of melodic Rockers that should be more interested than the real Prog or Epic one. In few words i see much better Platitude oriented in the direction of the giants of Melodic Rock/Heavy, than in the one of Symphony X or Dream Theater. 

Also very important is the dark attitude that should be even more underlined, cause this band is able to produce atmospheres with a certain Gothic feeling. Platitude, who are really a folk of seven members!, fortunately don't really use neoclassical elements and empower the dark atmospheric side with this Prog shell, but holding very tight the Melodic/Heavy/Rock base. And indeed this is the path to walk. "Nine" is anyway full of life and initiative. Moreover music walks hand in hand with lyrics of a certain thickness. 

Anyway this album has mainly 2 faces: the first one (from track Trust till track Avalon Farewell), completely enjoyable, delivers songs in great melodic Rock'n'Heavy fashion. In the second part, on the contrary, the Prog proceeding prevails and the songs become even more varied but a bit more complicated and maybe too ambitious. If you think that this album is produced by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Hatesphere) you can have an idea. Well, but no fear, in this way "Nine" can be actually appreciated by a rather wide target. The strange thing is that the first time you listen to this album, you remain a bit perplexed, but already from the second time you are perfectly integrated with "Nine": songs appear generally clear and catchy and you get quickly used to this Melodic Rock gushing Prog! Power elements? Very few, mainly in 2 songs only.

Uptempo opener Dark Mind combines Prog elements with a lively Power attitude, with some dark and atmospheric touches, nonetheless vocals sometimes must follow improbable melodic maze. But starting from Trust the album becomes interesting, and generally more melodic. Trust dares much more concerning the atmospheric fragrance with a good dark catchiness. 

Oblivion rocks a lot and though the many structures that stratify above a supporting vein that leads us back to the Rock of the 80's is clearly detectable. Oblivion is the hit song of the album, that song with tons of Rock appeal that conquers immediately.

Halcyon Days is another great melodic heavy Rock song, dark and sorrowful. The Halcyon Days are gone, leaving a deep feeling full of breath and echo. The Prog elements converge on the rhythmic structure, but without disturbing it. We get aggression again with the following Catch 22 that like in a succession of waves lead us from crunchy uptempos to melodic slow downs. 

Avalon Farewell has a superb Rocking crunchy intro, full of rhythm that fades into liquid emotions which launch a catchy romantic refrain: another great track, in which Erik's vocals are underlined like best couldn't be, and the same vocals get finally even a touch of anger and roughness. Avalon Farewell maybe is not that innovative but is terribly nice, and surely the less Prog of all. Pure melodic rock in one of its best aspects. 

Skies of Xenon with its scales up and down, with its fast speed ups spirals and related downs is not easy,  ambitious, with virtuoso solos again, one of the most Prog tracks: it's a question of taste to love it or hate it. Falling begins with a "Power(ful)" galloping embedded in atmospheric frames that will open up windows of extreme imaginative darkness, in order to get then back to Rock again: a complex song full of elements like a recurrent eclipse sun-moon. Like a kaleidoscope. 

Aeronautica shows a pushing jumping rhythmic with waterfalls of keys and virtuoso solos in a spiral atmosphere like plane manoeuvres in the sky, the result is really interesting though here vocals are sometimes called to difficult tasks and one can understand it.

More balladesque and spatial is Endless that actually gives you a sense of vastness with the usual attitude. Starlight is a dark lively ballade a bit hymnic, some passages are not the best, but the refrain is valid.

The bonus track Supernova is cool: a coming back to the first part of the album with the add of a more impressive drumming pulsing/blasting; a kind of excellent melodic Heavy metal, though not spectacular but well hammering, catchy and totally agreeable. I wonder why it's not Supernova which closes the official 11 track-list. 

Anyway let's touch glasses with a sparkling wine cause Platitude is definitely a nice presence full of conceptual depth and dark melodic rock appeal .

Rating: 8/10


dalia di giacomo    
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