Innocent Suffering
Master´s Demand
Disgraceful Supper 
The Downfall

In The Eyes of Death




Falk - Vocals

Ric - Guitar, Background Vocals

peter - Bass

Alex - Drums, Background Vocals

POLYMORPH: "Disgraceful Supper"   mini CD      polymorph                


review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___                


Rude and furious, every song has only one goal: the destruction


This is the third output (the second mcd) of the German band Polymorph although the formation exists since 1996. Apparently the band has been with sadly regularity thrown back by a lot of line up changes.

With five brand new tracks Polymorph show up with a melange of brutal grind death that pleases through its guttural voice and the uncontrolled brutal and hatefully sound.

 It is a really shame that this very talented band only could produce that less in its history, because probably in earlier days Polymorph could have had the possibility to be one of the most important bands of German death grind.

In the essence, I must say, nothing really new awaits us, as fast and old school death metal is not the invention of the last few months. But in its whole, Disgraceful supper is a well done work, that finally doesn' t stand behind the standard average of the scene cracks. 

The production has a high qualitative standard and a little bit a "grindy" touch, so the music blows pretty powerfully out of the boxes. Rude and furious, every song has only one goal: the destruction and erasing of everyone who dares to stand on its path. Technically the band seems to have a good standard as the five tracks are recorded precisely and without any errors.


rating: 7,5/10  


Gianrichy Giamboi
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