1. This Time
  2. Shes In Hollywood
  3. Pieces
  4. Flame
  5. Part Of Me
  6. Beautiful Awakening
  7. Fishbowl
  8. All Of Us
  9. Silver Soul
  10. Hit The Ground
  11. Please
Noa Moden - Vocals/Guitar
Martin Palsson - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jesper Eksjo - Bass
Kasper Lindgren - Drums

PRIME sth: "Beautiful Awakening"          prime sth              

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Prime sth are a Nordic band from Sweden , and this is the second release for this pure Alternative Rock band. Rock is the right definition for them. Four boys full of energy and their music is a good mixture between new rock and old Grunge, that sometimes makes them a bit similar to Nirvana. This album reminds me of Nickelback, Blink 182, Nirvana, a little bit of Puddle of Mudd, and in general I affirm that their style is  agreeable, it is perfect for a travel by car with your girlfriend. It can remind me of USA new rock, but this band comes from Sweden. (Even though they moved to Los Angeles) .

In this cd, there are many potential tv singles: She's in Hollywood is a fresh rock full of energy which is a mixture between pure rock and melodic punk, sometimes in the wake of The Ataris. 


Track n3 is a heart-attack song, if only it could enter in MTV rotation, I'm sure it will make an impression on all those who like this kind of music! It is called Pieces. A deep melody and an involving rhythm!

But not all songs are up to the task. A touch of Puddle of Mudd and Nirvana in Flame that has an avoidable and already listened refrain. 


A deep rhythmic session and a sweet voice gives a good emphasis to Part of me, a romantic song characterized by a powerful but romantic refrain.What a deep person wants to listen to!!!

The title track Beautiful Awakening is a mediocre rock song, nothing more. The usual rhythmic session, melodic punk influence, and a confuse refrain.

Modern rock in Nickelback style is the following Fishbowl, but it's impossible not to hear an evident Blink 182 influence, and also a touch of old Goo Goo Dolls style!

Track n8 is a very nice song. A very enjoyable melody and deep vocals by Noa, who is able to give a good expressiveness to this song, in which I notice punk, rock and romanticism, a track that reminds me of the latest wonderful The Ataris album.

MTV rock is the following Silversoul that is influenced by Nickelback also concerning the vocals.


Hit the Ground seems a tribute to Nirvana. An avoidable song influenced by Kurt Cubain's band...in my opinion the worst song of this album!

I love the last track of this album: Please. A slow song, full of deep vocals and a particular atmosphere. No sadness, not romantic, but passionate!!! I notice the good use of guitar sound concerning clean and arpeggio parts, and a good production. The arrangements don't have any originality but are well made.



I'm sure that this album is nothing original and there are ups and downs, but on the whole it is an agreeable one!


Rating: 7/10 
Salvo  Russo    

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