01. Misery 24/7 
02. The Past Nightmares 
03. I Am Complete
04. For The Ghosts Of Our Time 
05. Silent Chrysalis Stage 
06. Dreaming Of Oblivion 
07. The Times We Bled
08. Cold On My Side
09. Completion 


Vocals: Petri Eskelinen
Vocals: Henri Villberg
Guitars, Bass: Aleksi Ahokas
Guitars: Tomi Ullgren
Drums: Samuel Ruotsalainen

RAPTURE: "Silent Stage"               rapture                      Spinefarm Records                


Songs for the Withering

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

The depressive vision of soul

Third album for this band from Finland . As tradition wants the album confirms the good quality of this band, able to mix death influences with an evident gothic melancholy, and also doom compositive approach. The main influence is the depressive vision of soul that makes this album a very good example of depressive metal.  


There are good melodic song that can remind of Paradise Lost  and Katatonia, even if Rapture are able to create a personal style that is the result of all these influences.

On the whole I admit that this album is ready to be appreciated from all those who like a depressive vision of the music, though I'm sure that this band both for technique qualities and intensity can give more than this!

The first track "Misery 24-7" is pure melodic death  sung with growl vocals and a typical arrangement that takes inspiration from old Paradise Lost era Icon!!!!Great song, like the next one "The past nightmares" that shows me the delicate part of the this band's soul. A particular kind of sadness full of passion and wildness....There's also a touch of doom.

"I am complete" seems a song created by Paradise Lost and Katataonia together! A good riff guitar and a cool refrain, even if the song gets an easy structure and wholly it's nothing new.

Tomi(guitar) is able to create sad riff guitars and the next "For the ghosts of our time" is a good example of gothic-doom, even if I can't but notice Paradise Lost shadows....

"Silent Chrysalis stage" is another very good song in which growl vocals underline the pure sensitiveness of this melancholic song!!!! Pure melancholy, in which I notice how the band is able to play the songs from the deep of the soul!

Nothing new for the next "Dreaming of oblivion" that follows the same groove. ..but without the same intensity. In my opinion one of the best song of this album is "The times we bled" that seems to be taken from Undressed momento (Klimt1918). What a great song!!!! This is a very gothic song in which doom guitars are mixed to sad vocals and a cool involving refrain.

"Cold on my side" is another usual melodic-death song, with a typical structure, even if the band is able to give a personal touch, anyway for me  this is the less inspired song of the album.

"Completion" that is an instrumental track closes the album with a doom approach that can remind of Shape of Despair in the compositive  approach!

On the whole a good album that nothing changes in the goth-doom scene , but I'm sure that all the fans of all bands mentioned in this review, will appreciate this album.


rating: 8/10  


Salvo  Russo  
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