The Sigil of Baphomet

In Times of Demise
Onslaught Command
Blessed in Heresy
Commence the Burning of Heavens
The Nightsky Codex
Utter Cold Void
The Needles of Truth




L - vocals

S - guitars

K - drums

S - bass


(Linos - Vocals

Stefanos - Guitars

Stamos - Bass

Konstantinos - Drums)

RAVENCULT: "Temples of Torment"    ravencult       Dark Essence Records 


distributed in Switzerland by    


review  by Artur Felicijan____   


The Greek Satanic Black Metal scene

 has a new torchbearer.


Behold! From Athens comes a storm. And the storm is cold! In the vein of the great 90's Black Metal acts, Ravencult strike upon us with their hateful debut, entitled "Temples of Torment". The record released via Norwegian Dark Essence Records could easily be recognized or mistaken for a release by some northern BM act, as it sounds completely and utterly of Norwegian old-schoolish ground. With a few exceptions, one could easily and without any scornful consequences state that nowadays BM is best when coming from anywhere else than from Scandinavia. With such poor releases Norway served us with, bands from French (Alcest, Deathspell Omega), German (Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult) and as south as Greek BM scene really provide the works that are miles and miles ahead in terms of songwriting and (most importantly) spirit!

"Temples of Torment" is indeed a collection of tunes Black Metal fans are all familiar with, but if the things sound as they have to, there is nothing wrong with that. If you enjoy listening to old Bathory or something newer, such as 1349, Ravencult is the thing for you as it combines just that! Relentless fury, hateful blasts and spirit of late 80's and early 90's. Sometimes there's a glimpse of rotten blackened thrash present within the songs, while the same moment is being "misanthropized" by cold tunes in the vein of Burzum and Darkthrone. Actually, the album is fully impregnated by the stench of misanthropy! The production sounds completely right as well, as it withholds the essence of their music, instead of making it too antiseptic what the studio normally does to Black Metal albums.

One could argue with the fact that "Temples of Torment" remains slightly monotonous with constant presence of blastbeats. However, songs like In times of demise, Commence the burning of heaven and The nightsky codex make a great rhythmical break and make the whole album sound a bit more diverse than it sounds for the first time. Having noticed the fact that the cover was created by Stephen O'Malley, I would expect something more from that aspect. Come on, it's the guy who did the Emperor and Burzum covers. Well, it does not that much harm, but it could be better.


Some minor flaws aside, it is more than pleasing to realize that Greek Satanic Black Metal scene has a new torchbearer! If the true Black Metal days of Necromantia and Rotting Christ are over, Ravencult will stand the ground!  


rating: 8/10  

Fav song: In times of Demise


Artur Felicijan   26.09.2007  





European Tour 2007


05.10.07   HOL  Leeuvarden @ De Gloppe  
06.10.07   HOL  Rotterdam @ Baroeg  [+NARGAROTH, GLORIOR BELLI]   
09.10.07   GER  Hamburg @ Markthale
10.10.07   GER  Berlin @ Alte Feuerwache Treptow  
11.10.07   GER  Dortmund @ Zentrum  [+WATAIN, IMPIETY]
12.10.07   GER  Bitterfeld @ Festung
13.10.07   GER  Zwickau @ Fireblade Festival  [+INQUISITION]
14.10.07   POL  Szczecin @ Stara Cynkownia
17.10.07   FRA  Lille @ La Rumeur
19.10.07   GER  Walterhausen @ Kulturfabrik
20.10.07   AUS  Salzburg @ Festival  [+WATAIN, IMPIETY]   
21.10.07   AUS  Vienna @ Escape
23.10.07   CRO  Osijek @ Mini Teatar
24.10.07   ITA  Manduria @ Bike & Rock   
26.10.07   ITA  Padova @ Country Star    
27.10.07   GER  Munich @ Metropolis


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