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Rad: vocals
[Nexion]: guitars
D-Void Roxie: guitars, bass
Ca2: drums

RE:AKTOR "Zero Order"                   

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____    


Another band that tries to take the best from Fear Factory style and modern nu-metal as well! I think that the result is about mediocre, because there is no originality and even if I have to admit  the proper care concerning the sound, all the ideas of this cd seems to be taken from the best famous bands of this style.
A mediocre release that could be appreciated from all Fear Factory ...all those who feel the lack of another "Demanufacture".Some good riffs in all songs, and good melodic refrains, but on the whole my impression is not good, because there's a lack of original ideas. On the basis of this consideration, I think that this album is a very useless purchase for all nu-metal fans, and I may advice it only to all those that needs a powerful cd on the Fear Factory's exemple .The production is very good!!I think that they've used very good eletronic loops, and the drums is played with the propet care, Guitars gets a perfect sound and the voice is able to alternate various styles....Growl, clean,macabre and also screaming.
I 've to underline the right approach to the composition rhytmical  aspect...They've been able to create emphasis and power not only with cyber-effects but also with  rhytmics.
Where's the problem???No one song to remember, no one original idea!!!!!!!!!!I know that it's not easy to create somenthing original when your idea is to play this kind of music, but it is a fundamental condition in order to make a good market of your music.
Re:Aktor plays the future-metal?...maybe! but it's already become an old fashion!!! A lot bands have tried to imitate Fear Factory. But nowdays I can remember only those ones who have had original ideas mixed with FF's style...Ok I may say Rammstein, Static X, Kill 2 this,  but RE:AKTOR are very far from originality of these bands .If the bands like Re:Aktor will not be able to play in a more original way, I'm sure that they will bore us soon.
Rating: 5.7/10  
Salvo  Russo    

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