Bliss (intro)
Abducens eminence
Euphoric state of butchery
Coccoon of filth
Putrid serenity
Tenderizing the malformed
Violent necrophilic climax
Cavernous sores
Reborn in latrinic ecstacy
Bleed on me
Gutrot hogfrenzy
Undying lust for cadaverous molestation
Battered with a brick
Devoured by ghouls
Addiction (an unconditional love for blasphemous perversions)
(We are) sadistic hateful scum
Worm eater
Perish in blood
Upheaveal of human entrails (mp3, 192kpbs, 1.63MB)
Bathed in feculence
Bestial sons of devastation
Deterioration of grated genitals
Excremental ingestment
Hacksaw hysterectomy (mp3, 192kbps, 1.28MB)
Catatonic possession

  Rikard Jansson - Vocals
Urban Skytt - Guitars
Jocke Pettersson - Drums
Johan Jansson - Bass

REGURGITATE: "Sickening Bliss"     regurgitate             

review by Gary Saul  ___   

distributed in Switzerland by  


Recorded: BackBone studios by RGTE and Patrik Jonsson in April-May 2006
Engineer: Jocke Pettersson and Patrik Jonsson
Mastering: Jocke Pettersson

Artwork: Paul McCarroll / Unhinged 2006
( -

Perhaps I shouldn't say catchy , but rather catchier than most grind albums. 



This is one of those bands whom I have heard of repeatedly but never had the opportunity of listening to, of course until now. Sickening bliss is Regurgitate's 4th full-length album and it seems as if they have tried to add a few "twists" to this release judging by a few of their older tracks I sampled off of their official site. The most obvious change is not so much in their musical direction ( though there is some to note) , but in their vocal delivery. I believe Regurgitate  has previously used processed vocals , however this time they clearly have taken it to the extreme. This time around vocalist Rikard Jansson  utilizes pitch-shifting  worthy of German "porno-grind" band cock and ball torture by almost achieving a gurgling sound  in most areas . They however don't completely abandon the higher pitched screams typical of most contemporary grind bands. They tend to keep a good deal of balance between the two often switching off back and forth. The track that this is most apparent in is number  5 putrid serenity. Musically this album seems very similar to in sound compared to the few tracks that I mentioned I'd sampled. Though I'm sure that the few tracks available on the site hardly did justice for the overall essence of each album previous. This album seems catchy. Perhaps I shouldn't say catchy , but rather catchier than most grind albums. A better term might even be tuneful if that makes much sense. the guitars most of the time have lost that static sound that is characteristic to the guitars in most grind-core bands. Again I hope this statement makes sense, and if it doesn't I'm sure it will after you hear this album.


RegurgitateThey seems to be trying to broaden their musical horizons while still retaining their original sound with this release but so far it isn't bad and far from it! Another track of note is the first. This number is a full intro track with no music but just some sounds to create some atmosphere  just before the "real" opening song. I've noticed that alot of bands now-a-days have began using this type of thing. I guess Regurgitate has decided to conform or just plain experiment with idea. Most of the songs on this album are as I should have suspected, since again this is usual for grind-core bands, are on average about 1 minute and 30 seconds in length with the shortest being (excluding the intro) 49 seconds and the longest 2 minutes and 54 seconds. I would attempt a track by track description but due to the fact that there are a ridiculous amount of them ( twenty-six! ) It  would take forever. This is a good thing for hardcore fans i suppose. Each track seems to adopt a similar formula of composition which sometimes makes difficult to differentiate between which song I'm listening to but I'm sure that a die hard fan would have no problem with this. Overall this is a great CD and would make a good addition to anyones collection who favor this genre or style even slightly. I think that most older Regurgitate fans will find this to there liking and their only dispute with this album may be the different approach to vocals. 


Gary Saul   20.12.2006
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