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Daniel P. – Guitars
Hesteban T. – Drums

Sir Cage – Vocals
Lorenz C. – Bass

Clauss S. – Keys

ROSA ANTICA: "Seven"            My Kingdom Music 

Recorded, engineered & mixed: by Andrea Fusin @ Fusix Studios
Mastered: by Alessandro Vanara @ The Metal House

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

This album mixes various emotions.


Interesting proposal from this Italian band supported by My Kingdom Music…

The music is a mix of various styles, it can be defined a kind of Alternative Death Core in which you may hear Fear Factory, Pantera, Korn,  and incredible atmospheric parts that gives a touch of originality…

Sir Cage gets an amazing and strong voice that is perfect both for clean and growl parts…..

This album mixes various emotions, and it’s interesting to underline the great work made by rhythmic session in which drums are in perfect harmony with the powerful guitar riffs that remind of the best modern metal…  

The songs are agreeable and, in my opinion, the originality created by the atmospheric parts can be a start point  for the future.

The band is able to create very interesting songs as “Inner Fears” that represents a new way of modern metal that mixes alternative death core and modern psycho metal…(I try to give a definition…)

There’s space for an Italian song too !!!”Brucia”  is a perfect model of a modern metal song sung in Italian language….

The tracks alternate speed and atmospheric parts and the whole album results good.

It’s important to remember the great work done also by  talented Clauss S.(keyboard), able to give the right atmosphere to the songs…he represents the plus value of this good band…

Finally, a good arrangement and a good production  definately make  this album an interesting one of this 2007!

For those who need an alternative new modern metal….


rating: 8/10


Salvo  Russo    05.11.2007
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