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Listenable Records

01. Inhabit the Twilight
02. A Lesson In Ruthlessness
03. Death Lends the Ultimate Touch
04. Winters Will
05. Place of No Pity
06. Desolation
07. Let Them Perish
08. Oath
09. Merciless


Alex Pope

Guitars, Vocals

Dave Haley


Kai Summers


Joe Haley




So rational, so irrational.

Australian Ruins from Hobart-Tasmania (who shared stage with celtic Frost, Satyricon and Immortal, among others) prove that Dark and Black Metal are no Scandinavian and/or European exclusivity.  

 In their fourth studio album, "Place For No Pity", the music is based on pronounced, often reiterate, interesting crunching guitar riffs that can be menacing as well as melancholic. Those riffs capture the attention of the listeners letting them involve in  a vicious spellbinding  pulse. Drumming (blast) beats are precise, maniacal, without compromises, reaching a great performance in Winters Will, one of the best songs of the album with lead guitar following a very good melody that accompanys the way to the outro. Alex Pope's vocals are throaty, always very good  shaped among the instruments.

In this album dissonance and harmonies perfectly interchange, as we can hear in the 9 minutes long  title track characterized also by a clawing outro, or in Death Lends The Ultimate Torch, capable of great aggressive moments. 

Oppressive yet typically old school harmonized and tremolo -rich is the track Desolation. Rock`n Roll reign in songs like Let Them Perish, one of my favourite ones because it's lively and adorned by very good hooks and exciting guitar chords. On lively Rock`n Roll patterns is based also track 2 A Lesson in Ruthlessness whose rhythmics connect with Death and Thrash.

Oath is eruptive, rich of many ideas, with an unpredictable great melodic breakdowns which tower among dissonances and ravenous neack- breaking cascades. It is in no way a boring song, it is there to be discovered note after note, particularly  remarkable is  that bridge characterised by  longer- lasting chords performed by the lead ( min 4:08).

Place Of No Pity is a good, straight-to-the-point album. So rational, so irrational.



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