1. Vultures
2. Envenom (Laterna Magica)
3. Nebulous
4. Omnivore (Sin Eater)
5. Maelstrom





Emma Karlsson - bass 
Nicklas Rudolfsson - vocals/guitar 
Daniel Moilanen - drums 


Runemagick: "Envenom"               runemagick                                    Aftermath Music


Recorded at magick sound studio/los angered recording 2004. Mixed at Magick Sound studio 2004.
Released in handnumbered digipack format.


Interview with Nicklas Rudolfsson
On Funeral Wings

review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___      

Unique atmosphere of apocalypse and endless mourning

This is the ninth full-length album and the slowest and doomiest work from the workaholics of Runemagick. From midtempo death metal the Swedish trio has slowed another step down into slow motion doom death.

The atmosphere of the five tracks is pretty unique. As Runemagick style could be in a certain way compared to bands like perhaps Asphyx, this cd seems to beat even the record of doomiest death band ever hold by the US-cracks from "Winter" since the early 90s. The sound is very underground, guitar driven and comes down like a stream of lava burning everything being in its way. Tracks going from eight minutes till a quarter of an hour say everything about the difficulties the listener will mostly have to get into this hard rock. Not easy listening at all. Even  the simplicity and the purity of the song can't help in this thing.

A little bit of up- or even midtempo would have made thing easier, but in the same time they would have destroyed the unique atmosphere of apocalypse and endless mourning created by "Envenom". 


I really don't know if I should like or hate this sound. The spare vocals help me a little bit out of this hypnotic vicious circle, but for the rest, a feeling of "end of days" catches my soul and pulls me down for the more than an hour of the album length. Reminding me of the visions of third world war from the "Terminator 2" movie, every tone is dark and full of melancholy. Not the sweet sadness sometimes encountered in bands like Opeth or Rapture, but the elementar naked desperation of humanity walking towards its downfall is captured in  "Envenom". The loving or hating is also a question of mood and ambiance. Hardly someone will find it pleasant listening to "Envenom" while relaxing on a sunny beach. For this type of human beings, "Envenom" will probably be a mostly boring album, suffocating on its only blackness. For the rather depressive type, it could be a mirror to the own soul and feelings and in this way, be more appreciated.

I don't know how the fans  react to this not to big but significant change, and I really don' t know, how "Runemagick would be able to play this songs live without causing a mass suicide in the audience. "Envenom" has definitively its magic, but its hard to catch it, really hard.

rating: 8/10


Gianrichy Giamboi    
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