Draw the Line

Angel of Mercy

Skeleton Dance

Skull & Bones 

Born bad, dying worse

Black Gold

Soul Vampires

Winged & Feathered

Dead Man's Road

The War

Cannonball Tongue



Rolf KASPAREK: Guitar and vocals

Bernd AUFERMANN: Guitar

Peter PICHL: Bass

Matthias LIEBETRUTH: Drums

RUNNING WILD: "Rogues en Vogue"       running wild         


Produced, recorded and mixed by Rock'n Rolf at Jolly-Roger-Sound Studio. 

Production assistance by Katharina Nowy.


review by Ellnas ____   

A trip in a time machine: every riff, every chorus, every lick has already been played and heard 10.000 times before, but it still works!  

Dear all metal-freaks, Grandpa Rock’n’Rolf is back….and there are many many unexpected changes. Indeed if you enjoy KORN, M.MANSON, LINKIN PARK and all this new generation…you’re welcome. If you’re really open minded you’ll surely appreciate the new reggae and rap rhythms used on "Rogues en Vogue"! So get prepared…

Noooooooo !! Of course I’m joking (I know I’m a funny guy!). As always our old damned pirate Rolfy is back with a pure heavy metal album dealing with his favorite theme: Piracy!

So, as you can imagine this 2005 vintage is in the continuation of the 12 previous albums…There will be no surprise, you’ll even have the strange sensation to travel in time ( in a period between 1988 and 1993). 

You know I’m in a tricky situation now: what can I say about such a predictable album? As you know all has been said about RW. Well, let’s try…

As you can guess every song is an hymn in the purest tradition of German metal. As always, you’ll find all the RW trademarks in this album:  powerful guitar riffs, catchy choruses and most of all the inimitable voice of Rock’n’Rolf. Note that many songs are played with a mid-tempo. Moreover you won’t find the famous gimmicks like the wave sounds, horses and soldiers screaming on the battlefield…this time the songs are more direct. Even so, this new album is like a trip in a time machine: every riff, every chorus, every lick has already been played and heard 10.000 times before, but it still works!

However, in my opinion this album is not as powerful as "Death or Glory" (1989), "Pile of skulls" (1992) or "Masquerade" (1995) probably their 3 best albums. For example the epic song of the album entitled The War (which sounds like a military march) dries up quickly and is far from a great song like Treasure Island from "Pile of Skulls" which is probably their masterpiece.  

However, there are several killer songs like Angel of Mercy, Skull & Bones, Soul Vampires or Rogues en Vogue. These 4 songs for example really kick some ass and will be enjoyed by all the RW fans and metalheads in general. Just like SAXON or JUDAS PRIEST, RW ( Rock’n’Rolf instead) is one of the few last guardian of the traditional Heavy metal. Being so tenacious and persistent after 25 years of “piracy” deserves great respect from all of us.

 Finally I’d like to say that the album is very well produced (especially the drums) contrary to the craps I read in different reviews. This little fresh element is one of the rare evolutions in the RW’s music so it deserves to be enhanced!

Now you know your mission: raise the flag of metal and get ready for boarding with grandpa Rock’n’Rolf Wooooooooaaaaah Yeeeeaaahhhhhh!!!!


Favourite tracks: Skull & Bones, Rogues en Vogue, Soul Vampires

rating: 7/10  


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