1 Back To Daylight

2 Breathing

3 Last Tide

4 Tore For Me

5 My Delirium



6 Odin (R.I.P.)

7 Eyes Of Ember

8 Squall

9 Consciousness Of Impotence (R.I.P.)



Daniele Campea – vocals

Patrizio M. D’Artista – drums

Domenico Presutti – guitar

Alex Montoneri – guitar & b. vocals

Emiliano Amicosante – bass



Massimo Peluso – guitar

Gianluca Orsini – drums

Gianluca Peluso – vocals

Davided Rosati – bass

Alex Montoneri – guitar



"Sin Driven Tide vs. No More Fear"                 In Delirium Records



review by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

Very interesting this split cd by Sin Driven Tide VS No More Fear, bands from the Italian metal life attempting a gothic metal a-la Sentenced in the first case and death metal for the second.

The first part of the CD is the scene of Sin Driven Tide proposing five well done and moving songs such as  “Back To Daylight” and “Breathing”, winking to the masters – the mythical Sentenced.

Suffering and melancholic melody coupled with a good technique rich in voluptuous elaborations!

Very good the rhythmic work by Patrizio M. Artista (drums) and Emiliano Amicosante (bass) that create the carpet for a complex and yet fluid guitar work, elaborated by Domenico Presutti and Alex Montoneri.

Splendid is “Lost Tide”: delicate, yet wounding as a paper sheet cutting careless fingers.

Essential and well modulated is the voice of Daniele Campea: deep and stout that has nothing to envy to Mr. Ville Laihiala.

Moreover “Tore From Me” and “My Delirium” complete and seal the debut of this band that truly deserves evolution and maturation, maybe shrugging away the too reverential quotation of the Finnish band.

rating: 7.5/10


Four songs for the No More Fear, more aggressive and stinging in their sound clearly derived from death. Exquisite riffs and stout rhythms that pave the way to an ominous growl-scream that frightens.

Their performance starts with a heterogeneous and fluid song named after the ancient Norse God, “Odin”.

Drive the rhythms of Gianluca Orsini (drums) and Davide Rosati (bass) in a breathless pursuit of the technical and hyperspeed guitar work by Massimo Peluso and once again Alex Montoneri (see Sin Driven Tide).

The voice of Gianluca Peluso is a pleasant discovery for Italian metal pride that now shows a new promise among the vocalists.

Cursed and deep as the Layers of the Abyss is “Eyes Of Ember” that, in a crescendo of sound, explodes in modulations of deep emotional impact.

Yet again “Squall” and “Consciousness Of Impotence” that close both album and performance of No More Fear with extreme class and richness of musical intents.

Even for this band, as for their fellows Sin Driven Tide, the sound needs a more incisive personalization, parting from some standard of the genre.

rating: 7.5/10


Sara De Vita
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