Des Königs Henker
Salz der Erde
Rette mich
Vergiss mein nicht
Tote Augen
Tritt ein
Ecce Gratum
Keines Herren Knecht
Für Dich
Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt
Equinox - Bonustrack




Alea der Bescheidene (Gesang, Sackpfeifen, Schalmeien)
Dominor der Filigrane (E-Gitarre, Akustik Gitarre, Sackpfeifen und Schalmeien, Gesang)
Die Fackel (Sackpfeifen, Schalmeien, Mandola, Harfe, Keyboards)
Falk Irmenfried von Hasen-Mümmelstein (Sackpfeifen, Schalmeien, Drehleier, Gesang) 
Ungemach der Missgestimmte (Sackpfeifen, Schalmeien, Percussion, Gitarre)
Lasterbalk der Lästerliche (Davul, Trommeln, Percussion, Pauken, Programming)
Thoron Trommelfeuer (Darabuka, Trommeln, Percussion, Sackpfeifen und Schalmeien)

SALTATIO MORTIS: "Des Königs Henker"       saltatio mortis                                     

review  by Troy "Lep" Freeman____   


Who the hell needs keyboards when you have Bagpipes! 


Saltatio Mortis has come out with their latest offering, "Des Koenigs Henker" (The King's Executioner)

The first track, King Henker, starts off right off the bat with a grooving bass line  and a catchy crunchfest riff. Leading into an aggressive slow vocal part. All just for the build up. Progress to the metal riffing and Bag Pipes!  Throw in some Shawms and we got a Metal feast fit for a king!

 The music is very catchy in a old school metal vein, only better. The medieval themes and instruments strike a chord within. That just makes you want to say "Hell yeah!"

Track 3 starts out slow and kicks in with the power ballad feel, Bag pipes a' blazin. Then to throw a punch power riffing. A really sweet bounce between the two. It makes you want to sing along, angrily screaming lyrics at the heavens.

Track 9 Ecce Gratum is medieval to the max. Invoking images of drinking a few pints of ale at the tavern as the bards play.

This album just has a great vibe to it. Which any good metal worth it's salt should have.

Although alot of the metal bands these days use keyboards... Who the hell needs keyboards when you have Bagpipes!!  Straight up rocking!

The break down.
If you are into medieval straight up metal. This album rocks


rating: 8,75/10  


Troy Freeman
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