Psychopathic Dominator

Paranoid Schizophrenia

Dreams of Vengeance

Well of Damnation


Carnivorous Aggressor

A hellish Intermezzo

Infernal Concubine

Daemon: All guitars (4 and 6 string battleaxes). All vocals and screams 

Arghamon: Drums/percussion, ambient noises

guests: Andy Boss, Saiitham, Mr. Venomator

SARCOMA INC. : "Torment rides forever"             Epidemic Music Norway/Aftermath Music

review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

Violent thrash - attacks  influenced by the Old -School, but mixed with  a certain Black outfit and  modern ideas.  Terror rides forever is  an  outstanding dynamic  run into one of the best scenarios of Metal.

For many bands of the Thrash and Thrash/Death  area the search to brutality ,  ferocity and violence at any costs and without compromise, is a kind of search for gold , a kind of aim even  difficult to reach, and at the end, the results might be  not so bright, also because  some bands can be ferocius, some others can be brutal, some others violent but rarely you can find the 3 concepts together,  moreover mixed in a a way where  the result is anyway a spectacular musical frame. And this is the dilemma of Metal:  the more you want to massacre and rising seas of devastation, the more you find  difficult to propose something of artistic, valuable, enjoyable, catchy, precise and complete at the same time.  But we  can add Sarcoma Inc., without doubt, in the  number of acts that make of speed Thrash just a dynamo  dripping  blood and  brilliant chords too, sometimes even melodic. A capacity very rare in this kind of genre. Thrash is always a bad beast, and if you want to let it roar, fast and brutal, but with very good musical phrases  , you must be able to ride it. And Sarcoma Inc. ride the tiger! And not only.  They practically ride 2 tigers in one cause they hybridize their Thrash   mainly  with Black, concerning both vocals, that easily go from brachial bass to screaminings, and instrumentation. The Black attitude is a steady background that gives a particular tonality to the thrash whips. sarcoma Inc. combine also  old school elements of the 80's and 90's , but they are not static in the past, on the contrary propose  modern arrangements and ideas . The global view is outstanding and ven because   Sarcoma Inc  can also slow down giving visions of intense atmosphere like in the instrumental track- ambient session  A hellish Intermezzo,  and moments of intense abrasive dark heaviness like in the track number 8 Infernal Concubine ,a thrash /heavy metal pounding attack with its uptempo but also its midtempo passages.
The opener,  Psychopathic Dominator, is a devastating speed thrash attack, executed with a Black technique both in quitars than in drums , becoming these last ones more crashy in the second track Paranoid Schizophrenia, where we have also igneous  bursts of lead guitar sounds, which propell shouting echoes. And indeed the second track is even more devastating that the opener, in my opinion. But it's starting from the third track Dreams of Vengeance that the album becomes darker and completely full with  a torturing pathos , when the heaviness arises through crunchy mighty hammering guitars and we pass from mid tempo reaching then a final speed galloping. It is pure explosion of hypermetal pleasure. 

Track 4 Well of Damnation starts off slow and heavy but very soon lets free hand to a relentless infernal ride where, among  old school guitar sounds,  you can catch again a glimpse  of  Black technique:   a real catchy pandemonium, a headbanging killer that will cast a spell to all audiences of Iron, Chains and Spikes , from thrash indeed to Death and Black, including Slayer and early Anthrax fans . Well of Damnation  fades away recalling its intro, with a mighty slow raw melody with enough distorted sound . 
Melodic, but always extremely heavy is the beginning of track 5 Necrowhore, that though different tonalities recalls a bit the old Metallica, but soon turns into  an ardent angriness where the Black influence towers on guitars and vocals, without  loosing an appeal to catchiness  . Impressive its  outro
with that echo sensation.
Carnivorous Aggressor is a "thrashing mad" attack with shouts, blasting punkish speed, thunderous drums but also interesting tempo changes. And always with that typical almost blasphemous Black evilness. 

The title Torment rides forever couldn't be more proper for this album that is a run into hell, broken  by that slow atmosphere of terror that is a real picture of Dante's inferno, full of vocal effects of damnation, evoking hate for mankind. 

 Sarcoma Inc.'s mastermind is Daemon. The former of  Limbonic Art  who featured also also an exclusive appearance as session member of early Zyklon. He started up the project  Sarcoma Inc.  in anno 2000, a project joined then by drummer Arghamon (Lucid Fear).   Composed in anno 2002 and recorded in 5 days and with only minor adjustements, Terror rides forever has been finally released 0n 24th December 2003 (we can say the last X-mas!) through Daemon's label Epic Music Norway. This album though  totally self financed, shows a very good  care for  any detail , sign that   ability  and temperament are  important and not  (always) the glamorous budgets.

And lyrics? jumping out from Daemon's head too,  they are  very hypercritical against life, mankind and religion: pay attention cause in some passages they are really strong . Anyway they complete mirror the music: a battle of vengeance against all lies and games of betrayal, but  violent, brutal nightmares and feelings of perpetual agony are also very present.

"one day of wrath...i'll strick back with force of a bestial horde -  expect no mercy when i attack".

Rating: 9.6/10

Sarcoma Inc. 's second full length has already been recorded: it's called "The Dark Prophecy" and will appear very probably during autumn 2004. 


dalia di giacomo    
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