Creatures that come alive in the Dark 
Hidden Roots of Evil 
Legions ( forgotten by the Gods) 
Nether Hell 

Return to the killing Ground 



Regis F. -  vocals

Eduardo Boccomino - guitar

Alex Zeraib - guitar

André Sterzza - bass

Patrick Leung - drums  


SCARS: "The Nether Hell"   scars           

You can listen and download three songs from “The Nether Hell” disk in their sites

review by Alex "Costa Rican Fan" Ramirez___   

Brazilian Thrash at its best in Dante Alighieri's Hell.

First a little bit of history: Scars was born in 1991, in São Paulo, Brazil. They have played over 500 concerts and they have shared the stage with bands like Kreator and Anthrax. They split up in 1998. But reunited in 2004; since their return the band is playing heavier and more aggressively than ever. Or as they say “just plain old good Thrash metal!”

"The Nether Hell" is the second production from these Brazilian veterans. This album features a wide range of influences from Death metal to Heavy/Thrash. But it remains loyal to its roots. The quality of the sound they have achieved is really remarkable. The guitars are the ones that I enjoy the most. Raw and crunchy, but capable of adding melody and mood to each track .this production features some of the best solos I’ve heard in a while.

The drums are masterfully performed by Patrick Leung. He delivers technical drumming as well as non-stopping sensorial pounding attacks.

The vocal style of Regis fits perfectly in the whole musical style of the band, adding tons of aggression and attitude to the band.

The overall production of the disk is great. The design and the detail of the booklet is something that you don’t see frequently in South American metal productions. When you unfold it, you get a SCARS poster inside! This disk is a concept album. The Nether Hell is the lowest part of hell, where the penitence is to be restrained from physical motion through freezing and "where Satan made its lair". So each lyric is illustrated with images from Dante Alighieri's "Hell", published in 1310.

The first track, entitled “Creatures that come alive in the Dark”,  is a great opening track, which lets you know what the band is all about,  and leads this trip through hell.

“The hidden Roots of Evil”:  this track begins with a nice intro, but soon the drum pounding continues marching over the listener. There’re some death metal influences in this track. As well as in the next one, called “Legions” where the guitars take me back to the times of classic death metal. There’s an atmosphere created by the melody of the guitars and the pouring poison from the vocals. Actually  this track made me go and look for my old Slayer disks. (Haven’t heard them in a while). This song features the best guitar work in the whole album. It creates a dark and sinister mood.

The title track “Nether Hell” is an excellent example of a more mature sound. A mid-paced song with tons of fury. Here again the melody of the guitars and the hatred of the evil vocals blend perfectly. This track must be a live killer. You really can’t avoid the head banging. The song grows and grows. Definitively Brazilian Thrash at its best.

The next track, “Return to the killing Fields” is another example of how this band has achieved a unique sound. It’s a proof that years don’t pass by in vain. This track is heavy and destroys everything on its way. The guitars tear your ears without mercy. Excellent solos. Vocals are perfect.

“Warfare”. This fast paced track is actually my favorite one. Speed and hate combine to please the listener.

If you are a fan of bands like Kreator, Sodom or Destruction, you should get this.

rating: 9/10  


Alex Ramirez     20.06.2006  

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