1. Down
2. To the Moon
3. Some of this
4. Sieh nicht zurück
5. I turn to you
6. New Day
7. The Tragedy within
8. More than i love
9. Une dernière Fois
10. Another exit
11. Close as you are
12. Pray

Kai Hoffmann (vocals) 

Dirk Riegner (keyboard) 

Falk Hoffmann (guitar) 

Ramses Razmjoo (guitar) 

Mattes  Glates (bass) 

Lars Graebe (drums)


SECRET DISCOVERY: "Pray"          www.secret-discovery.de           /e-Wave- BMG

street date 12.01.2004

preview- review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____    

After a careful listening I can't but say that this is a very good album that will be loved from all those who feel the lack of that kind of gothic electro-metal full of melody and rich of power!!!   It couldn't be in another way considering that this album is made by Alice2 members ...and I can't forget that jewel -album made in 2001(Brave new world): it still gives me the creeps, and in this album there are very good songs that remind me of that masterpiece!!!! Secret Discovery's sound  could be appreciated also from all those who like the latest Crematory albums !!!

A touch of wave involves the composition- approach but I want to underline the awsome care put in all arrangements: guitars get absolutely the right sound. Very good low tones and a perfect sound concerning the rare solo-parts! The clean voice is very full of intensity , and also the rare female vocals give a special intensity! The songs are not very articulated concerning the structure, but they're able to give emphasis with few chords....this is the secret of these musicians!!! The low-vocals remind me of the Rammstein (and Deathstars) and I’m sure that it is notable in about all songs of this album! Rammstein sound is a big influence for this band such as melodic Goth , electro rock and 80’s!!!!!!

There are almost three unforgettable songs that could become three  hits ...But a negative note concerns the title-track!!!!! This song is  very intense , makes us dream... and it could be one of my favourite if only it wouldn't be a plagiarism of "When Love and Death embrace”: famous HIM  track, included in "greatest lovesong vol.666" . Many bands try to imitate that song.....but in this case  I really hear the same atmosphere,  the same structure and the about same main theme played with the same chords !!!It could be about a cover and not an original composition!

But I can't but admit that even if the sound is not very original......the band is able to give a special emphasis to all songs, and in particular I underline their ability to create  highly agreeable songs that, I’m sure, will make an impact not only on Gothic fans!!!  ...In my opinion the best songs are: "I turn to you", dark  cover version of the song by Melanie C, cover that is able to give that kind of special feelings with its delicate flavour full of hard guitars!!!..Another heart-attack song that remind me of ALICE 2 is” Close as you are" which  gets an unforgettable wave refrain into a hard  goth -metal structure!  "Some of this is a very gothic masterpiece!!!!!!! I love this song from the first to the last note...and in this case I have to underline that the low voice is about perfect, the timbre is near to Rammstein in the strophe but the refrain is sung with a perfect clean voice supported by  low-vocals!!!The melody is fantastic!!!!!!

"New Day" goes to 80s dark, but with that special Goth feeling!!!! "Fois" reminds me of the best Type O' Negative!!!!!!This song can't but remember Peter Steele's band in their best performances(Bloody Kisses!!!)..but of course the low-vocals are simil to Rammstein and the song is sung in French. The other tracks keep high the quality of this album, and ,on the whole, I have to say that even if I hear many influences, this band is able to compose very enjoyable songs with winning refrains and excellent structures...

The production is at the top, and it gives an important value to this album that has been played from the bottom of the heart from these good musicians. This music is a mix of 80s wave, gothic metal and electro-rock….and Rammstein sound… played with a special intensity and, if you love this style, don't not hesitate...Go and buy this album.....You'll begin a good 2004!!!!!!

Rating: 8.8/10  
Salvo  Russo    

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